Final Game at Ruth’s Place

When an all-time great American national monument ceases to exist any more, for its intended purpose, it’s a tragedy, in the eyes and mind and heart of this observer … none moreso than today, the day after the Final Game was played at, ‘The House that Ruth Built’.

To those who might have come of age during the 1970’s … there was no more vivid image, in all of sport than the likes of: (i) Chris Chambliss’ Home Run, and subsequent trip around the basepaths; (ii) Reggie Jackson’s Three Consecutive Bombs; and, (iii) George Brett’s infamous tirade at home plate.

Home to some of the most iconic images and moments, not only in sport but, also, in popular culture today … e.g. Great Moments at Yankee Stadium … Yankee Stadium reached a point of world reknown, heretofore, unmatched in the annals of North American history.

Although, as a grand old stadium … after 85 years of life, and 26 World Series Championships, today, “It’s [finally] Over,”

[from the New York Times on-line]

* At the Bronx, at the Intersection of History and Memory
* A Daughter’s Last Time at Her Father’s House
* A Homecoming for Williams After Two Years of Silence
* Fans in Mourning as Sun Sets on the Old Yankee Stadium
* Night of Reflection for Sons of Two Greats
* Jeter Thanks Fans in Speech After Game

the memories will live on …

for a long, long time.

R.I.P. … old girl, there was no other quite like you.

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