Bad Boyz II … featuring U Can’t Touch This

This terrific stream of Detroit Pistons’ material just keeps rolling off the presses …


Awkward Interviews: Rodney Stuckey [It’s Just Sports, via TrueHoop]
” … when I’m in the game with Chauncey, coach wants to have the ball in Chauncey’s hands more. When I’m in with Rip, he wants the ball in my hands more so Rip can come off screens and what not. Things are gonna be the same offensively with stuff like that, but I’ll tell you one thing, our defense and defensive standpoint, things are going to be a lot different. We’re gonna be picking up full court, trying to get back to our old ways of playing Bad Boys defense. That’s something to look forward to this coming year.”


seemingly, coming from every corner of the net.

Bad Boyz II … featuring M[ichael]C[urry] Hammer-ball makes it’s debut, for real, in Motown … Wed Oct 29 2008, at the Palace vs the Pacers.

Now you know exactly what the intro music SHOULD be.

PS. If the Lakers hadn’t already been annointed in this space as eventual 2008-2009 NBA Titleists, with a Legendary 70+ regular season W’s to their credit, IF ALL HANDS ON DECK CAN STAY HEALTHY! … even yours truly MIGHT be swayed into thinking that this year’s Pistons Crew has a legit [underdog’s] shot at knocking down the reigning CHAMPS … and, THEN, taking out, again, Showtime.v2, in Lalaland. Might being the operative word, of course. Still, something to keep in mind, as the season ahead develops.

PPS. I Love THIS Game, I & II.

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4 Responses to “Bad Boyz II … featuring U Can’t Touch This”

  1. Raps Fan Says:

    did i read that right? lakers to win 70+ games and win the championship this season? i’ll take that wager khandor.

  2. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    Yes, that’s been my call since I picked the Celtics to win last year’s NBA Finals vs the Lakers.

    [meaning that I made these two prognostications at the same time!]

    1 for 1, so far. 🙂

    As long as the Lakers do not sustain any serious injuries this season, which includes getting both Bynum and Ariza back in their line-up at 100% … then, that’s a friendly wager I’m willing to take with you or anyone else.

  3. Raps Fan Says:

    i don’t know why, and i have nothing else but a feeling in my gut, but i think the lakers aren’t as good as they seem. had they made a move to get artest (for odom) then this team would be better.

    aside from kobe and fisher, this is a team full of not-quite type players. bynum has been out for a while, and he doesn’t amare stoudemire type conditioning. ariza is a NICE player, who i would love to have on the raps.

    comes down to odom, the guy doesn’t play as big as his talent might suggest, and takes big stretches far too often for my liking. not what you want out of your # 2 guy.

    my two cents

  4. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    In contrast, I think Artest would have destroyed their chances of winning it all this season.

    Ron Artest is a ball-stopper.

    Dennis Rodman was not.


    If their team is healthy this season … I don’t think Lamar Odom is going to be their #2 guy.

    1. Kobe
    2. Bynum
    3. Odom or Gasol


    IMO … Trevor Ariza is a relatively ordinary NBA player … but, when playing alongside cats like Kobe, Bynum, Odom & Gasol, he becomes an entirely different beast.

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