More Than [just] An Interview

First-class work by JE Skeets, BDL …


Skeets: What was your most memorable experience about shooting the doc?

Belman: There were so many great experiences, but I have to say that one of the best was when I found my producing partner on the film. After I graduated from college, I spent two years trying to find a way to finish the film in the right way. Meeting after meeting yielded the same result — everyone wanted to buy the footage of LeBron, and make it a highlight reel. Nobody cared about the other players. Nobody cared about Coach Dru. Certainly nobody cared about a friendship tale of boys becoming men.

After two years of the same meeting, I met Harvey Mason, Jr. He was a successful music producer, and one of my friends used to baby-sit for his family. She set up a meeting for me to ask him some questions, to get some general advice. He had no idea what my film was about — he was taking the meeting as a favor.

After 10 minutes of talking about the film, I showed him a trailer that had been edited for the film. As soon as it was over, he started rifling me with questions: about Coach Dru, about the friendship, about everything except LeBron. I knew at that moment that we were going to finish the film together, and he promised me we’d do it right. He took a chance on me just like Coach Dru and the Fab 5 took a chance on me — I’m just so happy that they’re all so proud of the way the film turned out.


Do yourself a favour … and read the whole thing.

It’s what Life’s about.

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