13 players on the roster and $1,100 under the NBA’s Tax Threshold

For the benefit of Raptors fans everywhere … 

Bryan Colangelo speaks on FAN590/PrimeTime [Tue Sep 09 2008]

Pay particular attention to the final segment … beginning approximately @ the 25:00 mark … during which the Raptors’ GM discusses: (i) Ball-stoppers in the Low Post; (ii) having enough talented play-makers to gain the trust of said Ball-stoppers; and, (iii) a realistic picture of where he sees this team stacking up this season in the Eastern Conference with the likes of Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Washington, etc.

As is … there’s a lot to like about this team, this season … but, also, a healthy dose of trepidation, as far as the actual amount of improvement which is likely to occur in the immediate future.

The Eastern Conference is improving, on the whole … and the Raptors could well be treading water for several seasons to come.

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5 Responses to “13 players on the roster and $1,100 under the NBA’s Tax Threshold”

  1. toronto raptors linkage – sept 11 Says:

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  2. FLUXLAND Says:


    Thanks for posting this – I don’t receive 590 in my area. Much appreciated.

    – Is it necessary to say: “Jerry, my father,…”? We know Brian, and we don’t care. As in: Jesus, our Lord Saviour…? Is that the shtick?

    – I know you will disagree with this, but I wonder how much the CB4 Olympic success is being overblown. His body and style of play are very much suited for Euro-type play, make him more effective in these type of competitions. Not to mention, he had superior team mates, specific responsibilities, less pressure – all allowing him to be successful. Again, I think people are seeing things that will not translate into the NBA and will then proceed the bashfest ceremonies. (I am thinking Carlos Arroyo here)

    – the Andrea haters need to listen, and listen well to the part of the interview that pertains to him. And subsequently keep their mouth shut!
    What Brian said, is the same tune I’ve been singing all summer, over on Arsenalist’s place.

    – the “go raps – we are no.2 in the East – no one can stop us crowd” also needs to listen to what BC said re: the Raps success this year and weak up and smell the hardwood, while putting away the kool-aid

    – I read an interview with Mark Cuban yesterday in which he states that the one thing he has learned since acquiring the Mavs is that GM do not try and win championships – they are in the business of keeping their jobs. Again, another point I have been stressing on Arsenalists playground and further confirming the Raptors are a money making machine with zero ambition of ever bringing the LOBT to the ACC.

    Cheers, Sir. 🙂

  3. FLUXLAND Says:

    Oh, forgot one thing – BC says there were 4 to 5 deals they had on the table this summer. It absolutely sucks that we cannot find out what those deals were, so we can get a real sense of what is going in his head and grade his GM skills. (Not that I need an assessment from you, p)… I know he would be attending summer classes or be enrolled in the challenged kids program with the grade you give him)

  4. True Fans Gear Says:

    Thanks for this post. This was a very good listen…

  5. khandor Says:


    You’re most welcome! 🙂

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