Reviewing off-season transactions in the NBA

Despite one or two or twelve or more points of disagreement … this

Summer Transactions: Let’s Review

is … by a wide margin … the best and most comprehensive recap of all that’s gone on, thus far, this off-season, re: shifting player rosters in the NBA.

Specific moves which this corner has liked?

* Atlanta retaining Josh Smith
* Atlanta adding Maurice Evans
* Atlanta adding Randolph Morris

* Boston retaining Tony Allen
* Boston retaining Eddie House
* Boston adding Patrick O’Bryant
* Boston adding Darius Miles

* Charlotte retaining Emeka Okafor
* Charlotte adding Shannon Brown
* Charlotte retaining Ryan Hollins

* Chicago retaining Luol Deng

* Dallas adding Desagana Diop

* G-State adding Ronny Turiaf

* Houston adding Brent Barry

* LA Clippers trading for Steve Novak
* LA Clippers trading for Marcus Camby
* LA Clippers trading for Jason Hart

* LA Lakers retaining Sasha Vujacic
* LA Lakers adding Sun Yue
* LA Lakers adding Josh Powell

* Milwaukee trading for Richard Jefferson

* Minnesota retaining Craig Smith
* Minnesota trading for Rodney Carney

* New Jersey adding Eduardo Najera
* New Jersey adding Jarvis Hayes
* New Jersey adding Keyon Dooling (who isn’t as good as A-Johnson but, at this stage, is better than D-Armstrong)

* New Orleans adding James Posey
* New Orleans adding Devin Brown (who’s primarily a back-up PG not a Wing)

* Oklahoma adding Desmond Mason
* Oklahoma adding Joe Smith

* Orlando adding Anthony Johnson
* Orlando adding Mickael Pietrus as a defensive-minded/rebounding Small Forward (which is his natural/best position in the NBA and in sharp contrast to how he was mis-used by G-State)
* Orlando retaining Adonal Foyle

* Philadelphia retaining Andre Iguodala
* Philadelphia retaining Louis Williams
* Philadelphia adding Royal Ivey
* Philadelphia adding Kareem Rush
* Philadelphia adding Theo Ratliff
* Philadelphia adding Donyell Marshall

* Phoenix adding Matt Barnes

* San Antonio adding Roger Mason, Jr.
* San Antonio retaining Michael Finley

* Toronto retaining Jose Calderon

* Utah retaining CJ Miles

* Washington retaining Antawn Jamison
* Washington retaining Gilbert Arenas

The rest?

Time will tell how they pan out in the not-too-distant future.


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