Good fit for the Nets

Given the strengths and weaknesses of his current Player Roster, the Little General is once again proving to astute NBA observers that he is a solid NBA coach … 

Dribble Drive Motion Offense in the Swamp

who knows exactly what he’s doing, when it comes to making sound adjustments with his team that maximize his players’ skills & abilities.

Focusing the Nets’ offensive system on the penetrating abilities of Devin Harris, Wince Carter, Keyon Dooling and CDR, without a dominant LOW POST-scorer anywhere in sight, and with a plethora of mobile, athletic youngish Bigs, who have an array of offensive (and defensive) talents … is a sound coaching move by Lawrence Frank.

Looking at the Nets’ 2008-2009 roster … there are any number of intriguing options/combinations when you take a young Big Man, like Brook Lopez (Boone-J & Williams-S), shift him to the WEAK SIDE block, and then surround him with a combination of Guard & Forwards who can either take it to the rack, shoot the ball, or both (Harris-D, Carter-V, Dooling-K, Hassell-T, Najera-E, Simmons-B, CDR, Hayes-J., Swift-S, Anderson-R, and Jianlian-Y).

Unlike other NBA observers …

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this corner DOES NOT project New Jersey to finish at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings this season.

Rod Thorn, Kiki Vandeweghe and Lawrence Frank … are too good at what they do to let that happen.

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3 Responses to “Good fit for the Nets”

  1. Toronto Raptors News Says:

    Excellent analysis of the new jersey nets. When you mention the little general I thought you were talking about TJ and thought he just got traded there lol

  2. khandor Says:


    Thanks for your comment … and welcome aboard!

    Lawrence Frank began his hoops odyssey … at the foot of ‘The General’, himself … working as a ‘team manager’ for Bob Knight’s IU Hoosiers.

    IMO … ‘Little Lawrence’ is one heck of a good NBA coach who repeatedly extracts as much as possible from his charges, while still maintaining a very positive relationship with them (superstars & role players alike).

    In-game … he makes solid adjustments, is almost never ‘caught asleep at the switch’, and strategically/tactically is extremely sound.


    In my book … TJ Ford is ‘the Roadrunner’. 🙂

  3. Brian McCormick Says:

    Another link about the Dribble-drive-Motion:

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