Return On Investment

Words of Wisdom from two more former Bad Boys

* What makes a terrific GM in the NBA? 
Dumars Interview: Arron Afflalo is one of those guys that all the good teams have to have on your team. Afflalo is just one of those guys that we were just recently talking about James Posey and what he did for Boston and Bruce Bowen and what he’s done for San Antonio over the years. I’ll date myself – Michael Cooper and what he did for the Lakers back in the day. Through the history of basketball, he’s one of those guys that you have to have on your team when you’re considered a really good team because those guys are willing to do whatever it takes to help your team win. It’s never about them individually. They just do whatever is necessary and that’s what he’s shaping up to be in the league. One of those guys that if it calls for defending somebody or face-guarding somebody, he’ll do it. If it calls for tyring to score, he’ll do it. If it calls for diving on loose balls all night long, he’ll do it. When you’re putting a team together you’re always looking for guys like that. Guys who’ll do whatever it takes to win.
Answers and insights like these.

* Live life without making enemies and you haven’t stood for much in this world.
Chuck Daly and his Bad Boys: “I think it must be because Billy made a lot of enemies when he was a player. But I tell you what. He is as smart as a whip. Someone is going to get darn lucky in this league. They just have to take a chance. I talked to the Maloofs about him when they were looking for a coach (last year), and they would have talked to him. But Geoff (Petrie) wasn’t interested.” 
Men like Daly and Laimbeer have always known what they stood for.

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5 Responses to “Return On Investment”

  1. Raps Fan Says:

    i’m actually really surprised guys like laimbeer aren’t coaching in the nba, and you have guys like reggie theus, sam mitchell and vinny del negro (i wont say terry porter because i think he is a damn good coach) get put into nice situations.

  2. Travis Outlaw Says:

    Well Bill Laimbeer was an all-star type player and they don’t usually make very good coaches. While role playing type players like Sam Mitchell, Terry Porter, Vinny Del Negro, make better coaches. Of course that fact that Laimbeer coaches the WNBA I think makes NBA franchises less attractive to him.

  3. fluxland Says:

    “Live life without making enemies and you haven’t stood for much in this world.”


  4. khandor Says:

    For what is a man, what has he got
    If not himself, then he has not
    To say the things, he truly feels
    And not the words of one who kneels
    The record shows, I took the blows
    and did it My Way.

  5. Travis Outlaw Says:

    Great song Khandor. My favorite. RIP Frank Sinatra

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