Chris Bosh’s strength … as a player and a person

Redeem accomplishes mission

“He has been as valuable a player as we have on our team,” Krzyzewski said when asked about Bosh. “He has played with such maturity and smarts. You can see it in his play, but if you could hear him talk to our team and talk to the other big guys, in practice, in games and on the bench. …

“In this tournament, we are seeing an already outstanding player raise his game to another level. I’m very proud of him. He has been a real man for us.”


In sharp contrast to what most other NBA observers will tell you …

De-constructing the mystery that is Chris Bosh [April 21, 2008]

this ^^^ is exactly who Chris Bosh is … as an Elite Level NBA player and as an Elite Level person.


He rebounded. He motivated. He played defence, especially against the international pick-and-roll, which so wounded the Americans four years ago in Athens, when the great basketball power slumped to bronze. He stayed active on offence, always presenting himself as a threat, even if he didn’t always get the ball.

“I think sometimes you have to have someone behind the scenes who does the little things,” Bosh said. “You have to keep everybody motivated. If we come out flat, I’m not afraid to say something. If we’re not playing well, I have to pick everybody up.”

Bosh admits it wasn’t easy, checking his ego, not taking shots he would take in the NBA and not looking at the stats sheet. But that was the pledge the U.S. players made when they decided that global basketball supremacy was more important than egos, shots and statistics.


Chris Bosh has ALWAYS had the ‘soul’ of ‘the Great Man‘ himself locked away inside …

and it’s been unfortunate that only a few astute NBA observers have been able to decipher accurately what his actual strengths are, prior to this point in his (still young) career.

Hopefully … this will now begin to change … and others (e.g. Raptors’ Management & Coaches?) too will comprehend just how good this young man COULD/WOULD/SHOULD be … if he emphasizes the REBOUNDING, TEAM DEFENSE, SHOT-BLOCKING, FACILITATOR (Team Offense) and … most importantlyLEADERSHIP role with whatever team he plays for.

Living life with Eyes Wide Shut is no way to be. 

NOTE: Only if the lessons learned from the 2008 Olympic Games are ignored … will Chris Bosh’s Beijing fail to translate to the NBA.

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