Seeing accurately what others seem to miss

Reading a story like this …

Gallinari vs Italian Foe

There were some scouts raving before the draft that Gallinari, selected sixth this past June, will be a better player than the 6-11 Bargnani, selected No. 1 overall in 2006 by Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo. Colangelo has told friends he believes Bargnani will have the better career.

… re-inforces a perception this corner has held for a long time about Bryan Colangelo (GM Toronto Raptors) and his ability to evaluate elite level NBA talent … i.e. he is an ‘average’ GM who is skilled at evaluating low end NBA players but struggles when it comes to identifying high end talent accurately.

For the Record … it says here that, before they’re finished in the NBA:

i) Andrea Bargnani is going to be an effective Role Player; while,

ii) Daniello Gallinari is going to be a Super Star,

… and it won’t even be a close contest.

Gallinari is a more consistent shooter.
Gallinari is the more agile player.
Gallinari is a better NBA athlete, at the position he plays.
Gallinari is a better finisher in the lane.
Gallinari is a better rebounder.
Gallinari is a better passer.
Gallinari is a better defender.
Gallinari is the more physical player, at the position he plays.
Gallinari is the more passionate player.

Gallinari is going to become a perennial All-Star in the NBA.

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9 Responses to “Seeing accurately what others seem to miss”

  1. toronto raptors linkage – aug 22 Says:

    […] – Khandor’s Sports Blog […]

  2. mao Says:

    I know Bargnani was the top overall pick, but is saying Gallinari is going to be a better player really that much of a stretch?

  3. khandor Says:

    Not from my perspective.

    It’s no stretch at all … although it might ruffle the feathers of those who blindly put their faith in the Raptors’ GM.

  4. mao Says:

    Right, that’s what I mean. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Gallinari was better than a guy named Andrea.

    And yeah, people need to get off the Colangelos.

  5. khandor Says:


    In my experience most Raptors fans subscribe blindly to the philosophy of,

    “In Bryan We Trust”,

    on account of his two EOTY awards … i.e. in Phoenix (’04-05) and in Toronto (’06-07).

    After missing the playoffs for four consecutive seasons (’02-03, ’03-04, ’04-05 & ’05-06) they were just happy to no longer be considered one of the doormats in the NBA … and have little interest overall in a GM who willing/able to do what it takes to eventually win a NBA championship for the franchise in Toronto.

    I am not like that.

    I expect the team I support to have a sincere interest in winning the League Championship, as soon as possible and as many times as possible.

    I am not interested in supporting a pro sports franchise that does not have a commitment to winning a championship.

  6. mao Says:

    I agree. Maybe what I said wasn’t exactly clear. I meant that people need to quit giving the Colangelos the benefit of the doubt.

    Seems kind of like the Oakland A’s up there in Toronto. A team that’s built in a kind of interesting way that often does better than you’d expect but just isn’t built for a championship run at all.

  7. Sports Tickets Says:

    yah you are right GALLINARI is a more consistent shooter and also good player

  8. Raps Fan Says:

    genius move picking an effecive role player 1st overall.

    khandor, to his credit (and you know i’m not on colangelo’s bandwagon), but he did draft stoudemire and marion. that should count for something, no?

  9. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    No … I do not give Bryan Colangelo ‘credit’ for making the Stoudemire and Marion draft picks … for (at least) two reasons:

    1. As far as I know both of those picks were made by concensus from within the Phoenix Suns’ organization. They were not the brainchild of Bryan Colangelo.

    2. Stoudemire was picked #9 (overall) in 2002. Marion was picked #9 (overall) in 1999. Neither one was a high end draft pick, at the time; and, today, neither one is considered (as of yet) an all-time great player.

    [Note 1: Although Amare is very good at what he does.]

    As I’ve said before …

    In my book, Bryan Colangelo is a solid GM … neither ‘terrific’ nor ‘poor’.

    [Note 2: If Colangelo would’ve traded down to #5-10 (overall) in 2006 and used that pick instead on Bargnani … we wouldn’t be having this exchange of ideas today.]

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