Genie no longer in the lamp

The RESPECT this corner has for Mike Krzyzewski just went up immeasurably.

Dispelling two myths on eve of US-Argentina semifinal

“The thing that our American fans don’t understand is that we’ve learned from other international coaches, from the way they conceive their systems, from individual players. We’ve always looked at it from an American basketball culture that we’re always giving knowledge to the world. And that has changed. They’re giving knowledge, and we’re sharing knowledge of the game. To me, that’s the one of best things about this whole experience, and I think the world sees that in us. They know we’re not kidding when we say that, and that’s something we have to take forward.

“Basketball is played at a high level all over the world; that’s why a third of the NBA is international. I mean, why don’t we come to the full realization that there are a lot of really good players and a lot of good systems all over the world?”


In this instance, the stark reality is exactly as Coach K. has outlined in this article … and every hoops aficionado around the world today needs to understand fully the ramifications of his words:

1. Just because the highest paid basketball coaches in the world currently reside and are employed in the USA, either in the NBA or the NCAA … Does NOT mean that there is some sort of monopoly on coaching excellence which exists today in America.

2. Just because the VERY BEST basketball players in the world today reside and ply their trade in the USA does not mean that OUTSTANDING players cannot be trained/developed in other countries around the world … using a system which is different to the one in place today in America … or that the US model is somehow shattered or deficient.

Basketball is an international game today … without room for parochial notions of what constitutes an outstanding coach or player AND where such individuals are IN FACT concentrated around the world.

Kudos to a good coach and an examplary LEADER who emphasizes straight talk, at all times.

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