A scintillating performance by … The Fastest Man in Recorded History

Usain [Lightning] Bolt!



10 Responses to “9.69”

  1. mao Says:

    Even though the video is no longer available, that was an incredible run. He could’ve easily run 9.6 if he hadn’t been a showboat at the end. He may end up with gold in the 200m and 4x100m as well.

  2. khandor Says:

    At his size … Usain Bolt is poised to dominant international sprinting for the foreseeable future.

    There has never been an athlete with his stride length, his turnover [rate] and his uptake.

    As a track & field connaisseur … it’s simply amazing to watch him run.

  3. mao Says:

    Think he’ll win the 200m as well?

  4. khandor Says:

    With room to spare … and the 4 x 100, as well.

  5. mao Says:

    Yeah, though I don’t think he’s going to break Michael Johnson’s 200m record. Maybe he’ll run 19.5 or something, but I don’t see him going under 19.32.

  6. khandor Says:

    When he wants to break 19.32 … Usain Bolt is going to break it.

    It might be this week, it might not … but, it’s only a matter of time.

    I’ve seen every ‘World’s Fastest Man’ run live … going back to Hasley Crawford … and I’ve never ever seen a combination of attributes like this kid has today.

    When I first heard about this race, right here …


    I called my friend who was once a player himself in the track & field world and let him know I had just seen a calibre of athlete the likes of which I had never seen before and who my friend would not believe … until seeing for himself.

    My friend was rightfully skeptical.

    Then … he saw Bolt run on Saturday, in the Olympic 100 m Final.

    This is the email my friend sent to me at 10:34 AM EST, Saturday, August 16, 2008:


    Subject: Wow …

    “Usain Bolt is the best I’ve ever seen!!! (whether he’s on ‘roids or not) What a performance…absolutely outstanding and dominating. You were right…this guy is awesome.”


    And … it takes a lot to impress my friend, who once competed with and beat head-to-head individuals who would later go on to hold the title ‘Fastest Man in the World’, set world records, and/or win Gold Medals in the Olympic Games.

    You can only imagine just how many truly knowledgeable people saw this kid run for the first time that day … and, then, immediately followed it up with a similar email to a friend who knows track & field.

    It’s a simple joy to watch Bolt’s ‘running action’ … to see what he knows and does well already AND then what he still needs to/can improve upon.

    Whenever he is running … best tune in … cause you [just] don’t know … how low he is going to go!

    [Hey, that has the ring of a marketing campaign Nike might be interesting in … Ya’ think?]

  7. mao Says:

    Regardless of his potential as a runner, I think that 19.32 line is so low that even Bolt will have a hard time crossing it. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong but just wanting to break it is not going to be enough.

  8. khandor Says:


    Nuff said. 🙂

  9. mao Says:

    Yep, you were right on. Unbelievable race. Thanks for putting up the videos, too. I didn’t want to wait until tonight.

  10. khandor Says:

    FYI …

    The best video clip available is accessible at:


    1. Click where it says, “Beijing 2008 Olympic Coverage”.
    2. Click “On Demand Video”.
    3. Click “Day 12: Athletics Men’s 200”.

    Haven’t figured out how to upload it the blog yet or if that is even possible (i.e. copyright infringement, etc.).

    Enjoy. 🙂

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