Hornets say good riddance to Pargo

The exodus of borderline, 2nd tier NBA players continues … Pargo to play in Russia.

Unlike some in the blogosphere, who may have seen Jannero as a valuable 6th Man for last year’s upstart Hornets … e.g. Terrible News: Pargo Goes To Russia … this corner has a very different perspective on the two moves that Jeff Bower (GM) has made, thus far, this off-season: (i) Signing James Posey; and, (ii) Not re-signing Mr. Pargo.

With all due respect.

Jannero Pargo stinks, as a legit PG in NBA.

The Hornets are soooo much better off without him as their 6th man, it’s not funny.

James Posey [G-F] is a much more versatile/valuable basketball player … and the Hornets will be able to, either: (a) Go out and sign a far superior back-up to Chris Paul, at a more cost-friendly amount than what Pargo got to go to Europe … e.g. (ironically, former Hornet) Devin Brown comes to mind right away; or, (b) Use Mike James as their back-up PG.

Either case is a significant upgrade for the New Orleans Hornets.

Hopefully Mr. Pargo has a great time and enhances his basketball career in Russia … but, he will not be missed by his former team.

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2 Responses to “Hornets say good riddance to Pargo”

  1. Travis Outlaw Says:

    Jannero Pargo doesn’t suck. Pargo sometimes hit big shots and was clutch.
    Of course James Posey is better than Pargo. But they play different positions anyways.

    You say Pargo stinks! You must not like him I guess. I’m still a little suprised that Pargo decided to leave the NBA when the Spurs, Hornets, Suns, Hawks were all offering him a contract. Have you ever read Phil Jackson’s book The Last Season? Well theres a part in there that says Pargo was in tears when the Lakers decided to let him go and so were the Laker management. Pargo’s NBA dreams were over. That was a real human moment. And you start to realize that basketball players are human too. Well Pargo got wavied and then came back to play for the Raptors, Bulls, Hornets. Pargo finally with the Hornets got to play a lot. Pargo has achieved his dreams of making the NBA and staying in it. What’s sad is that he’ll just leave now to Russia. Especically when so many NBA teams still wanted him. Must be the JOSH CHILDRESS effect taking place.

  2. khandor Says:

    I didn’t say that Pargo ‘sucks’.

    I said he ‘stinks’. 🙂

    There’s a difference.

    ‘Stinks’ is a relative term. 8)

    Pargo is A LOT better than me, for example … and A LOT worse than, let’s say, Jordan Farmar, as a back-up PG in the NBA.

    Just because I think Pargo stinks … doesn’t mean that he is without some solid skills as a PG in the NBA.

    Pargo is an erratic but sometimes highly effective scorer/shooter at this level of competition, who can handle the ball in a serviceable way.

    Problem for Pargo occurs on the Defensive End of the Floor where he is a major liability … not because he can’t steal the ball; cause he can … but because he has the capacity to be physically abused by BIGGER, STRONGER Guards in the NBA, that make it very unlikely for Pargo’s team to ever advance all the way to a NBA Finals Series.

    From everything I’ve heard about Pargo … he is a first-class HUMAN BEING, who I have absolutely nothing against.

    Doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like smallish PG’s to run a quality team in the NBA.

    As I said earlier … all the best to Mr. Pargo and let’s hope he can find tremendous success playing in Russia.

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