Oceanside smorgasboard in Lalaland

All this time … who knew that Donald Sterling, Elgin Baylor and Mike Dunleavy were … really Truly, Madly, Deeply … actually Swedish, at-heart?

How else to explain the dizzying array of transactions this team has engaged in during this NBA off-season?

LA Clippers Recent Transactions

Q1. How good can Clips Nation expect their team to be this season?

A1.  The presence of a multi-purpose PG like Baron Davis … the stability of a solid big like Chris Kaman … the interior shot-blocking of Marcus Camby … and the promising growth of a solid young player like Al Thorton … not to mention all the other small part pieces they now have … is going to make this year’s version of the Clippers a gigantic potpourri, which no one in his right mind SHOULD try and predict an outcome for just yet, cause it would be utter MADNESS.

Who the heck can tell right now what on earth the Clips are actually going to look and play like once the 2008-2009 season starts? … with any type of accuracy.

What is known is this.

It SHOULD be a tonne of fun watching/following the progress (or, the lackthereof) for this team, this season … from a distance. 🙂

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