Of interest to Raptors fans

Courtesy of Kyle [from Forum Blue and Gold], Breaking Down Team USA

A scathing indictment of Chris Bosh

Nancy, first class nancy. Doesn’t rebound well against big men, doesn’t finish around the rim (no jumping ability and small hands) and isn’t hitting his outside shot. I’m not sure how many times he is going to drop a perfect pass before Coach K goes with Boozer over Bosh …”


Oh, my.

Not sure Kyle fully understands the rabid nature of the Raptors’ fan base.

Batten down the hatches, once this news hits Raptorland.

UPDATE: Look out Kyle … the Fury is heading your way. 8)

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4 Responses to “Of interest to Raptors fans”

  1. Raps Fan Says:

    the guy is skewed big time. he may not be playing his best ball, but the guy wont be the reason this team doesn’t win, he doesn’t have a big enough role to mess things up. my harshest criticism on bosh is that he doesn’t play great man-to-man defense, and his low post arsenal leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    1. On what basis would you say, “the guy is skewed big time”?

    2. IMO, CB4 does a solid job with his M-2-M Defense, in the NBA … and is a 1st-Class Interior Help/Shot Blocking Defender.

    3. IMO, Bosh’s Low Post arsenal, though limited in scope … is more than ‘good enough’ to get the job done, in the NBA.

    That said, CB4 is at his best [offensively] when he’s allowed to operate in the Mid-Post [at the 3rd Block], as a secondary scoring option, and is FORCED to focus his efforts on TEAM DEFENSE, REBOUNDING & Passing. When Chris Bosh is made to play like that … he becomes an entirely different [i.e. more effective] BEAST for his team [especially, at only 24 Years of Age]. 8)

  3. Raps Fan Says:

    1. he makes bosh sound like a deer in headlights. call me a critic of bosh, but he isn’t as bad as the guy makes him out to be, not even close.

    2. from what i have seen, his help defense is much better then his m2m.

    3. his low post game is improving, but i would love to see more with his back to the basket. i don’t imagine that happening now with o’neal in the block.

    i agree his is better suited as a secondary scoring option.

  4. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    1. As a CB4 aficionado … although the writer (Kyle) might be wrong in his assessment of Bosh, IMO, that doesn’t mean his POV is necessarily ‘skewed’.

    2. In my book, Help D [Interior & Perimeter] … is one aspect of playing Man-2-Man D. In Bosh’s case, it’s an over-looked aspect of his Man-2-Man D which is actually first rate.

    The specific aspect of his Man-2-Man D where Chris still struggles … in large part, due to his age (he is only 24) … is his individual 1-on-1 battle with a power-based Low-Post Scoring Big. Once he hits his physical peak [27-35] though this deficiency in his game should disappear almost entirely [i.e. with his combination of body type, size, strength, quickness, coordination and agility].

    3. Bosh’s Low-Post game is simply not of the traditional variety [i.e. back-to-the-basket power]. Instead, Chris’ game on the Low Block is similar, in a sense, to Jack Sikma’s … i.e. strictly Catch & Face-Up. Whereas Sikma shot the reverse pivot straight (over-the-head) jumper, almost exclusively, CB4 has a complimentary set of moves/shots once he faces up with his reverse pivot. IMO, the Raptors’ coaching staff has not done a good job identifying for Chris what his actual strengths are, as a Low-Post Player, in the NBA, and then getting him to exploit this advantage on the block. Bosh is also a solid passer from the Low Post … but, only after he has actually faced up.

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