Hawks finally turn the corner

Hawks Re-Sign Josh Smith!

As it stands right now, this Atlanta Hawks team …

2008-2009 Roster
Bibby, Mike G 6-1 190
Claxton, Speedy G 6-1 170
Evans, Maurice G-F 6-5 220
Horford, Al C-F 6-10 245
Johnson, Joe G 6-7 235
Jones, Solomon F 6-10
Law, Acie G 6-3 195
Morris, Randolph C 6-11 259
Pachulia, Zaza C 6-11
Richardson, Jeremy (FA) G-F 6-7 195
Smith, Josh (FA) F 6-9 235
Stoudamire, Salim (FA) G 6-1 175
West, Mario West (FA) G 6-5 210
Williams, Marvin F 6-9 230

with the solid acquisitions they’ve made this off-season … AND without over-paying for a mediocre NBA player like Josh Childress … is SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN 2007-2008, it’s no comparison.

While some might not LIKE Rick Sund (new GM), the solid job he’s done, thus far, is a MATTER OF FACT.

If the Hawks can stay healthy this season … they will be a legitimate Playoff Contender for a second consecutive year, in a much improved the Eastern Conference.

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2 Responses to “Hawks finally turn the corner”

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