All-time favourite Olympic (summer) moments


Modern Olympic history is filled with outstanding performances.


These are four of the all-time best:


* Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World


Rafer Johnson and CK Yang, in the Decathalon’s 1500 m.


[at the 1:57 and the 3:21 marks


* Triumph Amidst Tragedy [Munich 1972]


The young man in the golf cap who came out of nowhere … Dave Wottle’s 800 m.


* Oh, Canada [Atlanta 1996]


Donovan Bailey’s 100 m.


[from the Canadian perspective]



[from the International perspective]




* One Giant Leap for Mankind [Mexico City 1968]


Robert Beaman’s

Long Jump into Sports Immortality.

[from the American perspective]



[from the International perspective]






What are your personal favourites?





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