PJ, h2o, the doctor & yard work

Just found this jem a few minutes ago, courtesy of AOL Sport’s NBA Fanhouse. Better late than never.

Afterall … who knew that, in addition to being the subject of 1 of only 4 posters this correspondent has ever owned, dating back some 30 plus years …

… the good Dr. (J) would, in fact … “Go ahead and make my day” (today) … expressing his current day appreciation for the high flying death defying electrifying San Antonio Spurs.

And to think … there are still some who doubt that (the one, the only) Julius Erving would have done a bang-up job if he had been named General Manager of the Toronto Raptors (Feb/2006), as was the declared preference of then Dino-superstar, Vince Carter.


RC Buford, Gregg Popovich … and the Fro, in all it’s vivid splendor.

[PS. The Legend of Dr. J – The Julius Erving Story. In 1975, the subject of my first book report in school.]

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6 Responses to “PJ, h2o, the doctor & yard work”

  1. Raps Fan Says:

    the choice to go with babcock was a monetary one, i still believe it. as a would-be rookie gm and front office novice, how much would dr. j have commanded? why wouldn’t peddie want to keep vc happy? what was the straw that broke the camel’s back and left dr. j out in the cold? any insight khandor?

  2. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    IMO, ‘fiscal responsibility’ … to the team’s ownership group … is what drives the engine at MLSE.

    The rest is a facade to placate the fan base and make it look as though the team is committed to putting a championship calibre product on the floor/ice when in fact it’s not.

    At no point would I say a top flight pro sports franchise MUST/NEEDS to exceed the League wide Salary Cap in order to succeed/win the championship; this would be folly, IMO.

    That said, however … IMO … a top flight sports franchise MUST/NEEDS to focus (almost exclusively?) on doing what it takes to WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP in the not-too-distant future (with integrated long and short term goals/objectives as it progresses through the different stages of its development).

    i.e. There’s a difference between each of the following organizational operating parameters:

    i) Trying to be competitive and never exceeding the Cap;
    ii) Trying to be competitive and if you go over the Cap, temporarily, so be it;
    iii) Trying to WIN the championship in the not-too-distant future, and if you go over the Cap, so be it;
    iv) Trying to WIN the championship, period, Cap be d*mned.

    Today’s version of MLSE runs the Maple Leafs in a Type II way and the Raptors in a Type I manner … neither of which is good enough to get the job done properly.

    IMO, Bryan Colangelo was brought on-board, in the aftermath of Rob Babcock’s dismissal (Feb/2006) … for example, instead of Dr. J … because MLSE could then pay one person with a certain ‘bling appeal’ to the fan base [i.e. albeit ‘Fool’s Gold’] who it knew would be fiscally responsible at all times WHILE still being perceived by their fan base as legitimately trying to put a competitive team on the floor, based on his reputation/accomplishments with the Phoenix Suns … in sharp contrast to Julius Erving, a non-executive former player, whose agenda would have been PRIMARILY concerned with WINNING an NBA championship by combining the elements of (i) REBOUNDING, (ii) Defense and (iii) Sharing The Ball On Offense.

    IMO, Dr. J would have handled the basketball side of the operation and … like Isiah Thomas did in Toronto at the outset of his tenure there … hired/appointed someone else (an Assistant GM) – who he had supreme confidence in – to manage the day-to-day finances of the basketball operation.

    And … if you listened carefully to what PJ Brown has to say about ‘the Doctor’ in this vidoe clip, plus the comments Anthony Parker made in today’s newspaper (as but two relevant examples), you can tell there is a palpably DIFFERENT level of respect/aura associated with former players and/or coaches of his particular ilk (e.g. Jerry West, Joe Dumars, Pat Riley, Gregg Popovich, etc.).

    IMO, to not go in this direction, when the opportunity presented itself … was a LOST OPPORTUNITY for the Toronto Raptors organization.

  3. Raps Fan Says:

    thanks man, that is very insightful, up until the last year or so, i wasn’t very concerned with what ownership’s ultimate goal of making money was.

    makes isiah’s failure in new york that much more interesting. the guy didn’t have to say it, but you knew all he wanted to do was win. just the wrong guys (guy actually, i think marbury was a bad choice to build a team around, ever since he wanted out of minnesota because he didn’t want to play second fiddle to garnett).

    so a follow up question:

    assuming bryco isn’t going anywhere, do you really think he can turn this team around, and contend in the east, and ultimately the championship in the next 2-3 years?

  4. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    First question I would need to ask you instead is this:

    What has given you (or anyone else for that matter) the impression that Bryan Colangelo will (or intends to) be the Raptors’ GM 3-5 years from today?

    (i.e. not because MLSE is eventually going to dismiss him BUT because he may never have intended to stay in Toronto long term … e.g. 10-15 years, or more … when he took the job in the first place)

  5. Raps Fan Says:

    i assume he will be here for another 2 years because he has that much longer on his contract (i’m pretty sure).

    long term, i really don’t know what his options are. daddy doesn’t own a team, and i assume he isn’t the kind of guy to be a hired gun, come into a program, and get it competitive and profitable…actually, he may just fit that bill…

  6. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    re: assuming bryco isn’t going anywhere, do you really think he can turn this team around, and contend in the east, and ultimately the championship in the next 2-3 years?

    Given Colangelo’s history as a GM in the NBA … IMO, it’s fair to say that he has already ‘turned this thing around and has created a contending team in Toronto, once more’.

    Question is … Could other individuals have done the same OR BETTER (to this point) working with the resources Mr. Colangelo was given to start with in Toronto?

    Answer is … IMO, yes.

    Next part of the part question is … Can Colangelo build a championship team in Toronto?

    Answer is … IMO, yes he can … CAUSE THE PIECES TO THE PUZZLE ARE (and have been) THERE (at least, since Feb/2006), when he was signed as their GM.

    Final part of the question is … Will he?

    Answer is … IMO, probably not … given his record of accomplishment in Phoenix, and thus far in Toronto.


    Bryan Colangelo will never, ever have a better opportunity to build an NBA championship team than he had as the GM of the Phoenix Suns.

    The man’s father OWNED the team.

    The man traded away Jason Kidd.

    The man traded away Steve Nash.

    The man traded away Joe Johnson.

    The man failed to fight off Robert Sarver.

    The man left the Valley of the Sun soon after his father lost/gave up managing control of the team to Robert Sarver.

    The man re-signed Sam Mitchell as his head coach following a 33-49 regular season (’04-05) campaign … with a roster that included Vince Carter (20 GP), Jalen Rose, Chris Bosh (R), Morris Peterson, Donyell Marshall, Rafer Alston (R), Lamond Murray & Matt Bonner … and then a subsequent 27-55 regular season (’05-06) with a roster of Antonio Davis (8 GP), Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon (R), Charlie Villanueva (R), Jalen Rose, Morris Peterson, Mike James, Aaron Williams, Matt Bonner, Eric Williams & Joey Graham (R)

    The man drafted Andrea Bargnani No. 1 (Overall) in the 2006 NBA Draft … when other players like LaMarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy and Rudy Gay, et al., were still on the board.

    The man traded Charlie Villanueva (PF) for TJ Ford (PG).

    Has the man made certain ‘good’ moves as an NBA GM?

    Of course he has. He’s NOT a terrible GM. He is an ‘average’ GM, in the NBA, who has always been EXTREMELY well-connected to the RIGHT people in the League. Nuff said.

    There’s no need to go further, at this point, re: the other specific ‘managerial’ moves he’s made/not made since assuming full control of the Raptors.

    Can he lead this team to the championship one day in the future?

    Yes he can.

    Will he?

    IMO, no, he will not … based on what I’ve seen thus far.

    I just calls ’em as I sees ’em … and, in this instance, hopefully, I’m dead wrong! 🙂

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