The Art and Science of Hoops

Graydon Gordian (48 Minutes of Hell), via Hardwood Paroxysm, HustleJunkie: Speak, Body, introduces an interesting topic which has long been a fascination of this corner.

One of the things which makes basketball a ‘special’ pursuit is the unique combination it presents … e.g.

* Individuality
* Teamwork
* Intellectual ability/performance
* Physical ability/performance
* Emotional ability/performance
* Offense
* Defense
* Rebounding
* Set (scripted) plays/pieces
* Improvisation
* Cooperation
* Competition
* Narrative

In short, there is no other human ‘activity’ quite like it … and, it truly is a thing of beauty, when executed well/properly.

All around players/superstars … like Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Lebron James, etc. … who best combine the diverse elements of the game are the essence of (Sporting) Grandeur.

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One Response to “The Art and Science of Hoops”

  1. Jim Stark Says:

    Basketball is the best sport.

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