More smoke & mirrors

Make no mistake about it.

The recent goings-on at Bay & Lakeshore (where the headquarters for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment [MLSE] are located, at the Air Canada Centre [ACC]), are rotten to the core, involving both of the professional sports franchises operated by this organization, i.e. the Maple Leafs and the Raptors.


re: Maple Leafs

There’s no Wing-ing it with Leafs’ new strategy
If you were to ask Ken Holland, GM of the Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings, to identify the quality his scouts look for when it comes to the annual entry draft, his answer would be succinct.

“Skill,” he’d say, just as he’s said it many times before.

Nine teams followed that mantra when it came to making selections with the top 10 picks of the NHL entry draft on Friday night.

One did not.

That team would be your Maple Leafs.

Peddie era continues to linger like a bad smell
Like a bad odour, you just can’t make this guy go away.

From the day Peddie ascended to the power position of having both the Raptors and Leafs report to him in 2003, the hockey club has gone straight downhill. You’d think his bosses might wonder why there hasn’t been a Stanley Cup playoff game at the ACC since 2004.

Instead, he’s managed to survive. Again.

Wilson hire raises red flags
Of more concern, however, is that this might be an indication that Fletcher has grown fond of grasping the levers of power again and intends to keep the job permanently. He denies this, but also said recently that he would not be the one to hire the next Leaf coach.

So the story keeps changing. Hiring an expensive, big-name coach like Wilson certainly isn’t evidence of a caretaker administration, that’s for sure.

If Fletcher wanted the president’s job and would hire a GM, well, that might work. But the original plan, to hire a new president and GM, remains the most sensible plan with the greatest chance of success.

re: Raptors

O’Neal deal a step backwards
Colangelo built the seven-seconds-or-less Suns, but so much for sticking to the vision. The bog-it-down Celtics are the NBA champs. The Suns are ripping to shreds what Colangelo wrought. And Colangelo, in acquiring a hobbled O’Neal à la Phoenix’s Shaq, has chucked the dream, too.

Perhaps even worse, another of Toronto’s perceived advantages – the in-house knowledge of European talent – is moot. Talented Euros aren’t yearning for the lagging U.S. greenback.

“They’re fighting back a little bit,” said Colangelo of the European sides.

The Raptors, by contrast, are doubling back in the direction of the Babcock era, without cap room to yield more talent. Not that Colangelo is about to show up in Dockers, not that they’re a laughingstock. But a year ago the GM was billing his team as more carefully constructed than some disposable fashion. Suddenly his killer wardrobe is looking far more thoughtfully put together than his roster.

Jorge Garbajosa gone from Raptors
“After a long, difficult and sometimes emotional process stemming from a traumatic injury to a key player, it was concluded that parting ways was the best thing for both Jorge and the Raptors organization,” GM Bryan Colangelo said yesterday.

The move ends the lengthy, contentious negotiations between Colangelo, Garbajosa, the Spanish Basketball Federation and its insurance company.

Draft’s just like pant-leg debate for the Raptors
Colangelo, to illustrate the difference, bent over and grabbed the cuff of his skinny-cut trousers and held it next to Mitchell’s ankle. The contrast in the silhouettes was cigarette to fat cigar, and Colangelo made a joke at the expense of the coach’s choice, quadruple-pleated and roomy. Mitchell, meanwhile, was not shy about defending his haberdasher’s handiwork.

“Dude, I’m a big guy. I’ve gotta have some room to let my (self) flow. All my pants fit like this,” said Mitchell. “Those pants Bryan had on, I told him he looks like a maintenance man …”


This is an organization that …

* Lies through its teeth … habitually

* Is riddled with internal cross-wiring

* Has no legitimate plan in place to ever win a League Championship


* Is primarily concerned with making oodles of money for its ownership group.

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11 Responses to “More smoke & mirrors”

  1. Arsenalist Says:

    Dying for your thoughts on the trade dude….

  2. Sorrow Says:

    Do think next year will be the Lakers year? Celts this year, Lakers next, they could probably battle it out the next few years.

    Oh yeah, are we making more trades?

  3. fluxland Says:

    re Raps: Agreed! Agreed! Agreed!


    1. make money
    2. make money
    3. make money

    1000001 win nba chip

    sooo angry!!

  4. Raps Fan Says:

    lakers wont win it next year sorrow…that team got exposed, and unless they can figure out a way to score on the celtics (or even the pistons for that matter), they aren’t close.

    what say you khandor, thoughts?

  5. khandor Says:


    My initial thought on the proposed O’Neal for Ford + Nesterovic + #17 + Filler trade is this …

    Like I suggested to Flux yesterday, re: falling in love with Germany in the Euro/08, now that they’ve qualified for the final but before knowing who their opponent will be … it’s prudent to hold off on making making judgments of this type before the horses are in the barn. 🙂

  6. khandor Says:


    I’m already on record asserting that …

    the 2008-2009 version of the LA Lakers will

    (I) win 70+ games during the regular season


    (II) win the NBA championship next year …

    as long as they

    (i) retain their current roster of players, including a 100% healthy Andrew Bynum & Trevor Ariza;
    (ii) remain relatively healthy; and,
    (iii) retain the ZenMaster, as their head coach.

    That’s how good I think next year’s Lakers team is going to be … which is what I wrote as I was picking the Celtics to win this year’s NBA Final over LA in 7 games.

  7. khandor Says:


    To read that Toronto may have had an offer on the table for Ford from Portland that includes Martel Webster & Channing Frye … is to know that the real agenda at ‘Bay & Lakeshore’ hasn’t changed one iota since the fateful day Richard Peddie was put in charge of the Maple Leafs & the Raptors, on behalf of MLSE, sometime during 2003, I believe.

    Since that date … it has been a sorry mess for both of these once promising pro sports franchises and, unfortunately, I don’t see things changing in positive way any time soon. 😦

  8. Arsenalist Says:

    Swing by tonight’s live blog at 6:30PM

  9. fluxland Says:

    Come on by Kha! 🙂

  10. Johnn19 Says:

    Bottom line before BC Raptors averaged 29 wins a season for last 5.

    With BC Raptors averaged 44 wins a season, made playoffs both, and lost in 1st round. Next step win a playoff series. Then win a second series. Then win a Conference.

    A Conference win and NBA win are light years in the future hopefully. If winning conference’s and NBA’s were something achievable more teams would be doing it.

  11. khandor Says:


    Bottom line?

    The Raptors have made zero [“0”] appearances in the Eastern Conference Finals since their inception and Bryan Colangelo’s teams … in Phoenix and Toronto … have yet to make it to the NBA Finals.

    BC’s teams win their share of regular season games, make a lot of money for their owners, and come up short in the playoffs, repeatedly.

    They are not constructed for purpose of winning the NBA championship … but to put a competitive team on the court, entertain their fans, and be cost effective, at all times.

    Others are free to express their satisfaction with this sort of NBA operation … not me. My respect is reserved for those who are actually trying to WIN THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. 🙂

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