NBA Finals – Game 4 Recap: Do you believe?

Game 4 Info – LAL 91, Bos 97

At the start of last night’s 4th quarter, ABC’s broadcast showed what Doc Rivers had said to his team at earlier points during the game:

Doc #1 (standing, to team in huddle): We got to compete if we want to win … we can’t pout and mope … we got to compete … alright, let’s go!

Doc #2 (sitting, to team while looking at Eddie House): Do you believe? Alright, let’s go.

Doc #3 (standing, to Kevin Garnett, as he subbed out): Never stop believing, baby.


As the 2nd half developed and the Celtics gradually clawed their way back into the game, after being down by 21 points at the end of the 1st quarter (an historic deficit for a NBA Finals game) and 24 points during the 2nd frame … you just knew that you were witnessing an all-time classic which was destined to be talked about forever and a day by those who follow the NBA.

From the perspective of this corner … and, given what’s been written here since the Celtics/Lakers match-up was determined … there is only one word that NEEDS to be said, with Boston now leading 3-1.


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One Response to “NBA Finals – Game 4 Recap: Do you believe?”

  1. TSmith Says:


    Thanks for the reply, and I appreciate the spirit, research and insight behind your comments there and at Hoops Addict, and here on your considerable well-done site.

    In truth, I was feeling extremely sensitive that morning, a childish reaction to the Lakers epic collapse the night before and the hazing I received thereafter from nearly all my friends. I was therefore overly suspicious and insecure towards just about everything and everyone that day, so I apologize for being curt or short.

    For what its worth, I have followed and enjoyed your site throughout the playoffs. Keep up the good work and all the best going forward.

    Looking forward to your Game 5 thoughts tomorrow. Cheers

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