NBA Finals: Game 3 … post mortem

As was mentioned yesterday in this space …

What the Lakers need to do to win Game 3

the individual game winners in this series will be decided by whichever team wins the ‘Battle on the Boards’ (i.e. Rebounding Differential).

When the Lakers do what they did last night …

(Individual + Team = Total Rebounds)

Game 3 – W vs Boston/ LAL 44 + 13 = 57; Bost 45 + 11 = 56 (Adv LAL)

they are going to ‘Win the Wars’ , in this series.

Game infoFinal Score: LAL 87, Bos 81


When it comes to understanding which so-called ‘NBA experts’ know the game … others are invited to read the full transcript of a 1st-class Live Blogging Event, like this one …

NBA Finals, Game 3: Live Blog

hosted by, that actually allows a participating blogger to express what s/he knows about the game, as it’s actually happening.

Kudos to Daniel!

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2 Responses to “NBA Finals: Game 3 … post mortem”

  1. Lakers Blog Says:

    Participating blogger?? Khandor, you’re my hero, the last few games without you have sucked! I expect you there for the remainder of these finals games and fully expect you to bring by the rest of your guys like in games past. But, I’ve got to agree with you, those other live blogs suck because they don’t approve any commentary, thanks for the good word!

  2. khandor Says:


    Sincere thanks for the kind words.

    Participated last night specifically to let you know that whoever has been popping up on other Live Blogs using the moniker “khandor” has not been me.

    Personally, I find it somewhat flattering to hear that some others in the blogosphere have the need to masquerade (on your site and elsewhere) as me. 🙂

    Hopefully, as was on display last night, you and others will now know what to look for, and can tell without a shadow of a doubt that there is only ONE (authentic) khandor … who can do what I can do on a Live Blog for an NBA game … and when he is (in fact) in the house that night.

    re: future Live Blogs

    Cannot promise I will be available, nor that anyone connected to me will be able to drop by to participate, as all in my circle are independent operators.

    Trust this much, however … if I’m Live Blogging anywhere during these NBA Finals it will be at your site. 🙂

    All the best to you.

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