What the Lakers need to do to win Game 3

When two teams as good as the Celtics & the Lakers hook-up in the NBA Finals, it’s a simple game for astute observers to handicap correctly.

These were the Lakers results during their Conference Finals match-up vs San Antonio, another top flight team this season with a Positive (+) Rebounding Differential.

(Individual + Team = Total Rebounds)

Game 1 – W vs San Antonio/ LAL 41 + 11 = 52; Sas 42 + 10 = 52 (Even)
Game 2 – W vs San Antonio/LAL 44 + 5 = 49; Sas 36 + 11 = 47 (Adv LAL)
Game 3 – L @ San Antonio/SAS 39 + 6 = 45; Lal 42 + 11 = 53 (Adv Lal); SA 55.3% 3FGA
Game 4 – W @ San Antonio/SAS 37 + 6 = 43; Lal 46 + 10 = 56 (Adv Lal)
Game 5 – W vs San Antonio/LAL 39 + 7 = 46; Sas 42 + 4 = 46 (Even)

What is clearly evident when you examine those five games is that the Lakers are quite capable of ‘holding their own’ on the boards with another top tier NBA team that places a premium on ‘Rebounding the Ball’ … and that, when the Lakers win or break even in this specific ‘Battle Within the Game’, they are also going to ‘Win The War’ that game (barring some type of unusual occurence, e.g. SA shooting 55.3% on 3FGA).

Q1. What’s the major problem the Lakers face in tonight’s game?

A1. The Boston Celtics are simply NOT the San Antonio Spurs, and are a much better Rebounding team, in their own right, than last year’s champions.

The Lakers will have their hands full trying to contain the Celtics forces on the glass but it says, in this corner, when the Purple & Gold do this tonight, they will get themselves right back in the hunt for the 2007-2008 NBA championship.


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