Junior goes yard for #600

Except for the serious injuries he’s battled during the 2nd half of his professional career, Ken Griffey Jr. might already be considered by most astute MLB observers as the greatest baseball player of all-time.

Regardless of the games he’s missed over the years and the final stats he eventually amasses, in terms of hitting for average, hitting for power, fielding his position, throwing from the field, running the basepaths and, in general, an aptitude for the game, Junior is exactly THAT, according to these eyes.

Young man, it’s been a pleasure watching you play, since you first broke into the major leagues!


2 Responses to “Junior goes yard for #600”

  1. Shane Bertou Says:

    I love Ken Griffey Jr. When I was a kid he and Don Mattingly were my two favorite baseball players. The time my father took me to meet him in person is one of my fondest childhood memories. When we buy a house, and I finally have a place to display all my sports memorabilia, the bat he signed for me that day will be one of the pieces I’m most proud to show off.

  2. khandor Says:


    Thanks for your comment.

    That’s a wonderful memory to have about a terrific player like Junior.

    IMO … thus far,

    he has done himself, his father, his family, his fans and baseball (in general) extremely proud.

    The ball has always “jumped off” his bat.
    He has always hit for average.

    And, when he was healthy and younger, he played the most spectacular Centerfield … on a consistent basis … of anyone I have ever seen, making great play after great play, ala the ‘Say, Hey Kid’ in his heyday.

    Unlike another supreme talent whose career was cut short due to injury, i.e. Gale Sayers, at least we’ve had the privilege of seeing Junior play the number of years he’s managed to put in to this point.

    But, even so … and much like the great ‘Kansas Comet’ before him …

    My, Oh, My … to think ‘what might could have been’ had he NOT been injured quite as much as he has been since his move to Cincinnati!

    The man’s production numbers would be simply staggering.

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