How the Warrior finally gets his ring

It has been a long time coming but … 12 years after being drafted No. 5 (Overall), in 1995, by the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Spirit of the Times dictates that this is the season this young man lays claim at last to what he’s been about his entire adult life …

Garnett after the battle. … winning an NBA championship.

Garnett sets the tone for Boston’s winning ways

After coming this far … from:

(1) Finishing 5th in the 2007 NBA Draft Lottery … and missing out on both Greg Oden & Kevin Durant
(2) Having the worst W-L record in the League last season (2006-2007)
(3) Experiencing the painful loss of their ‘eternal architect’, Arnold Jacob ‘Red’ Auerbach (Oct 28, 2006)
(3) Finishing 3rd in the 1997 NBA Draft Lottery … and missing out on Tim Duncan
(4) Experiencing the tragic death of Reggie Lewis (Captain, 1993)
(5) Experiencing the traumatic death of Len Bias (No. 2 Overall Selection, 1986)

there is no way that the Boston Celtics, with men like ‘The Big Ticket’, ‘The Truth’‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’, & Co., are going to be denied this season … not after amassing 66 Wins in the Regular Season, going to 7 games against the Atlanta Hawks (a young athletic team), going to 7 games against the Cleveland Cavaliers (led by the 2nd best player in the world), going to 6 games against the Detroit Pistons (a veteran team with the 2nd best W-L record in the entire League this season) … and, then, now reaching the NBA Finals against their franchise’s arch-nemesis, the Los Angeles Lakers.

This corner’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for Phil Jackson, The Triangle, Kobe & Co. is immeasurable … but 

these Boston Celtics:

* Have 3 proven scorers
* Have quality depth at each of the 5 positions
* Are an outstanding Defensive team
* Are an outstanding Rebounding team
* Are an Unselfish Offensive team
* Have the extra Home court game

and have been possessed with the spirit of Ubuntu! … since their training camp began their season.

There is no more powerful force in this world than …

an idea that’s time has finally come.

Bloodied, battered and bowed

but never, ever broken

as this is THE season of Celtic Pride restored.

Arnold would have been oh, so proud … of the ‘Men in Green.’

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2 Responses to “How the Warrior finally gets his ring”

  1. eneffell Says:

    Great story man. You’d be awesome writing about american football

  2. khandor Says:


    Thanks for your kind comment.

    Hopefully you had time to click on each of the links.

    American football … and the voice of John Facenda are long time friends of mine. 🙂

    Be sure to check back here again as the summer turns to fall.

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