Rick Reilly’s debut for ESPN The Magazine

It never ceases to amaze how important Hurt is in the development of a human being and the role that Sport can play in that Life.


The Life of Reilly: Dad played golf and drank—a lot. But he taught me a lot too.
Golf was this green-and-blue launching pad for little white rockets. Golf taught me the lessons my dad never did, including the best one: You play life where it lies. You hit it there. You play it from there. Nobody threw you a nasty curve or forgot to block the defensive end. I learned that my mistakes were mine alone, not my boss’, not the cop’s and, as much as I hated to admit it, not my dad’s.


Bill Russell speaks with Kevin Garnett
I don’t think that you will encounter anyone happier than I am … it’s almost serious … but the first thing that I knew as a human being was that my mother and father loved me … and, that’s what you got to give your kids, okay? … and, in doing that, it will enhance your Life, so much … and that, that what you’re doing now is a piece of cake. – Bill Russell


What matters most in this world.

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