Learning to let go and be mindful

An essential element of success which all elite level performers learn is the need/ability to let go of errors in execution and to re-focus on the task at-hand.

Whether in the field of Athletics, the Arts, Business, or any other endeavour, this fundamental tenet remains the same.

When something goes awry … be attuned to the bio-feedback received … adjust accordingly … and re-focus on the here & now.

The performers who learn to do THIS, at an optimum level, succeed.

Nothing in this world is perfect …

(least of all, those who choose to try and tell others, in advance, what will happen next … Pistons vs Celtics will go to Game 7)

what’s most important is to:

i) Recognize what’s happened;
ii) Learn from it … and, then,
iii) Move on to the next experience … wiser for the former.

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