Pistons vs Celtics will go to Game 7

Before the Eastern Conference Finals began the one thing this corner felt confident about was the number of games this series would be going …

NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Preview

In the aftermath of last night’s Game 5 victory by the Celtics, at home, and well in advance of tomorrow evening’s Game 6 (@ Detroit) … EXPECT to see the Pistons respond like a champion, by … Buckling-up, Concentrating … and giving Maximum Effort … to give credence to that forecast made here 9 days ago.

Regardless what ‘the final number’ is, how bad Rip’s elbow injury is, how many TO’s they eventually make, how poorly they shoot it from the field or from the 3, or how drastically they get pummelled on the glass …

these DETROIT PISTONS are going to win Game 6.


PS. These 2 teams are that close in ability, and the winner of this series (overall) is going to be decided in the final few possessions of Game 7. Make a shot; Miss a shot … Make a stop; or, not … Make a FT; Miss a FT … Get a Rebound; or, not. These are both high calibre, championship quality NBA teams, and it will be a shame to see either one lose.

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