Detroit @ Boston, Game 1 … post mortem

On the heels of Chauncey Billups’ hamstring injury and the extended break the Pistons had following their 2nd Round Playoff Series (4-1 vs Orlando), last night’s outcome was actually a solid ‘Game 1’ performance for Detroit, down only 6 pts (i.e. a two possession game) in the 4th Q with under 5 minutes left to play.

Tayshaun Prince’s post-game break down for Game 1
Flip Saunders nails it: post-game break down for Game 1
Game 1: Boxscore
Game 1: Full Play-By-Play

(3rd Quarter)

Prince (3 TO) 11:40
McDyess (1 TO) 10:07
Billups (2 TO) 7:12
Hamilton (1 TO) 6:06
McDyess (2 TO) 5:40
Hamilton (2 TO) 3:48
Hamilton (3 TO) 1:54

If the Pistons can start better in Game 2, with heightened aggressiveness from Billups (looking for his own shot more in his 1v1 match-up with Rondo), limit the Celtics’ interior scoring, and increase their own ball movement … without turning the ball over 7 times in a single quarter … tomorrow’s contest will be decided on the final possession.

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2 Responses to “Detroit @ Boston, Game 1 … post mortem”

  1. Lakers Blog Says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know I am doing a Live Blog today for the Lakers-Spurs game. It will be available on

    Hopefully you get the chance to join me tonight. I welcome any and all input!

  2. Troy Says:

    Road woes freakin’ continue. But I’m not complaining about this one.

    It’s kind of like when you get a girlfriend and you are able to nail her at your house but you can’t nail her at her house, on the road. That may be the vague, inappropriate and above all else STUPID example, but that’s the best way to put it right now. Boston’s nailing Detroit in the T.D. Banknorth Garden, and Detroit will probably nail Boston in the Palace.

    Winning the Finals in 28 post season games, baby! That’d be a sight.

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