1.7% is all Chicago needs, plus a new head coach

Oh, My!

Da Bulls’ problem is no more

as, given these results for the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery …

this team SHOULD now be back in business, in a BIG Way … fast.


Who was the saddest looking man in Secaucus (NJ) last night?

He who shoulda waited two more weeks … before signing his contract to become the next head coach for the New York Knicks.

(watch that vid-clip again, beginning at the 1:00 minute mark, when the Charlotte Bobcats were announced with the #9 selection, and check out his ‘reaction’ for yourself, at the 1:32 mark)

Billy Donovan was allowed a Do Over last year … why not Mike D’Antoni?

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9 Responses to “1.7% is all Chicago needs, plus a new head coach”

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  2. fluxland Says:

    Khandor, is the NBA fixed?

  3. khandor Says:


    No, it’s really not.

    It just seems as though it is. 🙂

  4. FLUXLAND Says:

    Well, I spent the entire day “researching” the issue and I gotta tell ya.. the evidence to it being fixed is very overwhelming. Maybe fixed is not the best term, but is definitively controlled to the highest degree possible without it looking as fixed.

    And I am not sure why I thought for all these years while other sports, boxing, figure skating, wwf, chess, soccer, xfl, tennis, and countless others were being manipulated with, that the NBA was immune to this.

    But Ray Allen wondering and saying that he’s thought that since high school; (which is why I think he is missing shots.. he doesn’t want to be part of this) Steve Nash asking D’Antoni last year if it was; George Karl admitting that he has received numerous call through the years from other coaches asking if it was; the recent ref, the envelope that got the Knicks Ewing and the video that clearly show the ear marking, Rasheed calling it all fake a while back, Wade getting all the calls last year, all the insane amount of game 6 and 7s this year, Jordan forced into retirement by Stern cuz he was betting on NBA games (why wouldn’t he want to win 7 or 8 straight rings?) and who knows about a million other things we don’t know about. (kind of like the wings going up 3-0 and then they lose a game? WTF? and i don’t even follow hockey in any way)

    Not to mention this is sports business entertainment (the last two words being key operatives) and the insane amount of money involved, it only makes sense that there is very little left to chance and fairness, if anything at all.

    I kind of feel dumb for even thinking all these years it wasn’t when I would see all those calls that never made sense (and i don’t mean mistakes, I mean flat out blatant ones.. ala Walton stepping out of bound in front of the guy and then him saying he never heard Nash SCREAMING T.O. 1 foot away from him) and the years and time I had invested into watching this spectacle simply make me sick.
    But, better late then never I guess. It’s been (not) fun, but I for one, can’t close my eyes to it all. One thing I can’t stand is being lied to and Stern can go F himself cuz my TV will never see a NBA game again.

    I’m not sure how people close their eyes to all that and keep watching and all the power to them, but I can’t do it. All I saw last night watching that Boston game is wrestlers on the floor.

  5. FLUXLAND Says:

    And when you throw in betting… something i never really considered before… it all makes sense.. like when some team is down by 20 with a minute and a half to go and then they bust ass to get it closer to ten. The players know what’s up and they are in on it too.

  6. khandor Says:


    ‘The Fix’ is in today (so-to-speak) … in every facet of our daily lives.

    There is dastardly-underhanded-double-dealing-from-the-bottom-of-the-deck that takes place in every walk of life … bar none.

    And, yet, acknowledging this …

    Does it also mean that a group of men (or women, or a combination of both, or kids) cannot still build something of inherent value, based on a shared philosophy, work ethic, and the ability to out-perform their opponent(s), in pursuit of a specific goal, regardless of the field of endeavour or what ‘the odds’ are .. if/when stacked against them by the house?

    For my money … and, in my heart … I don’t believe this to be the case, not for a mila-second.

    Villanova won the Men’s NCAA D1 national championship, in 1984 … and the US college system is as crooked and deceitful and dirty/unethical, as any entity you’ll find any place around the world. Yet, somehow, the Wildcats overcame the Hoyas that year (and believe you me, that one hurt, badly, as a John Thompson fan).

    Same with …

    Jimmy V’s NC State Wolfpack team (’83)
    Arthur Ashe’s Wimbledon (’75)
    James ‘Buster’ Douglas and his stunning knock-out of Iron Mike Tyson (’90)
    the Miracle Mets (’69)
    the Houston Rockets (’85)
    Boise State upending Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl (’07)
    the Montreal Canadiens final Stanley Cup (’93)
    Billy Mills’ 10 000 m run at the Tokyo Olympics (’64)

    etc., etc., etc.

    When a referee makes a bad call … the onus still remains on the player involved to step up and make the play (or not) to win the ball-game.

    And it truly is about the Effort, and the Journey, and the Experience, etc. … not the Destination, in Life … that matters most, cause we all end up in the exact same place, when everything is said and done.

    Game 1 of the Lakers/Spurs Series is tonight … and, I, for one, don’t plan on missing it … cause

    it doesn’t get any better than …

    Apocolypse Now, or
    the GodFather, I & II, or
    the Wizard of Oz, or
    Casablanca, or
    Citizen Kane, or
    the Man Who Shot Libert Valence, or
    Unforgiven, or
    Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, or
    the Wild Bunch, or
    Field Of Dreams, or
    the Best Years of Our Lives, or
    Schindler’s List, or
    Three Days of the Condor, or
    Bringing Up Baby, or
    Hoop Dreams, or
    A Beautiful Mind, or
    All the President’s Men, or
    The Philadelphia Story, or
    The Oxbow Incident, or
    The English Patient, or
    When We Were Kings, or

    etc., etc., etc.

    It’s about The Story, my friend … and the obstacles we overcome to make it happen … accomplishing our hopes and dreams along the way.

    Where amazing happens! … 40 Games in 40 Nights, Every Night, on the regular.

  7. FLUXLAND Says:


    I appreciate the reply and you know I value your insight.

    I’m not sure how to reply or what to say! My head is spinning with the things I just realized and 100s of questions that have come up! I’m upset beyond comprehension.

    Maybe it’s like finding out how a trick is done and the whole time you didn’t know, you were just hoping it really was magic.

    Maybe it’s like that moment you realize you siblings or parents are not perfect.

    Or that your super hot girlfriend really has flaws you cannot over look and now she’s not so hot.

    To sum it up … it sux! What to do now, that’s the question. And that I don’t know.

    Thanks again, kind Sir! Enjoy the game… or act or entertainment or show, or whatever this spectacle really is. At this moment in time in this small corner of the world… a farce!

  8. khandor Says:


    The Magician metaphor is perfect … for, even once you do find out you’ve been bamboozled, the best way to proceed then is to keep watching … even more closely than before, learning to appreciate the Art involved, for its own sake.

    Air Force One vs the ZenMaster

    ‘New Jack City’ (Finley, Barry & Udoka) vs ‘New Kids On The Block’ (Vujacic, Farmar & Walton)

    ‘l’Hombre’ vs ‘Vlad the Impaler’

    ‘Big Shot Bob’ vs ‘the Heart-transplant’

    ‘Kryptonite’ (Thomas-K) vs ‘Captain Marvel’ (Odom-L)

    “Mr. Longoria” vs “Life is Fast, and things happen quickly.”

    The Big Fundamental vs Picasso

    GINOBILI! vs Kobe

    It just doesn’t get any better than this.

    T minus 56 minutes, and counting.

  9. Herb Lok Says:

    Awesome topic!! I just had to comment.

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