NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Preview

Eastern Conference Finals



By the Numbers

QIR – #1 (6)
Points Differential Rank – #1
Points Allowed Rank – #2
Rebounding Differential Rank – #3

QIR – #2 (10)
Points Differential Rank – #2
Points Allowed Rank – #1
Rebounding Differential Rank – #7

Basketball Acumen

Still the team to beat in the East with home court advantage. Team D is The Story, fuelled by KG. Must find a way to shake lose Ray Ray on Offense. Easier said than done. Key Match-up: Doc Rivers vs Flip Saunders, especially, during the last 6 minutes of each game.

Good enough to win the series. Quality depth is outstanding. Top notch young players will need to continue stellar play. Rodney Stuckey (PG) is the Real Deal. Must assert their collective will to match the Celtics on the glass. Key Match-up: ‘Good’ Sheed vs ‘Bad’ Sheed.

Who will win

It’s going to go 7 games and it’s just too close to call. 


Western Conference Finals



By the Numbers

QIR – #10 (30)
Points Differential Rank – #3
Points Allowed Rank – #19
Rebounding Differential Rank – #8

QIR – #7 (23)
Points Differential Rank – #8
Points Allowed Rank – #3
Rebounding Differential Rank – #12

Basketball Acumen

Will need to out-score the Spurs. Bench must continue to score, making open shots. Key Match-up: Kobe vs Ginobili. Without Bynum, should be the underdog in this specific match-up. Must improve interior D to have a chance. Ariza’s D & Rebounding will be missed. Will go as far as the MVP takes them.

The Heart of a Champion. Quality depth is first rate. Versatile and physical. Veteran role players know what it takes to win. Will win the series if they can dominate the glass. Team ethos is the best in the League. Key Match-up: Gregg Popovich vs Phil Jackson, the two best coaches in the NBA today.

Who will win

It’s going to go 7 games … and it’s just too close to call. 



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8 Responses to “NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Preview”

  1. FeetinthePaint Says:

    I feel like these series will only go to 6. Lakers bench will definitely be key. I’d keep Manu coming off the bench so that the second-string Lakers have something to think about while they’re out there running.

    Parker should dominate anyone they put on him. But conversely, if Bowen’s on Kobe, who guards Odom? Do you keep Bowen on Odom and stick Finley/Udoka on Kobe to start?

  2. khandor Says:

    By “only go 6” … do you mean that you feel the Spurs and the Pistons are going to win these respective series match-ups on their home floor’s in those up-coming Game 6’s?

    If so … I can certainly understand each of those selections.

    That said, however .. rare, indeed, is the NBA playoff match-up that this corner is simply unable to Make a Legit Call, in advance of the series start, as is the case for both of these Conference Finals.

    Fact is … I can very easily paint a picture that has any of the four combatants surviving to the NBA Finals … based upon the individual player match-ups each coaching staff is going to have figure out in the next 36 hours.

    (1) BOSTON vs (2) DETROIT

    * Are the Celtics going to bench Sam Cassell and stick with Eddie House, as their PG off the bench … to open the floor up with his 3-Pt Shooting and provide the energy he gave their team coming off the bench for Sam-I-Am and Ray Allen during Game 6 & 7 vs the Cavaliers? … or, are they going to open up the series with their grizzled veteran trading blows with Rodney Stuckey (the Real Deal), when the starters sit down?

    * Are the Celtics going to open up with KG on Rasheed? Or, Kendrick Perkins? Which one is then going to try and check McDyess, and get a hand up in face on his money-in-the-bank mid-range J?

    * Are the Pistons going to open up with Tayshaun Prince guarding Paul Pierce? Allowing Ray Allen to go head-to-head with Rip Hamilton? If so … then that’s a match-up which might just see Ray Ray shake loose from his prolonged shooting slump … precisely what the Celtics need to increase their overall offensive production.

    * How is Flip Saunders going to react, in Boston, when the Celtics wratchit up their withering Defense, during the 3rd & 4th quarters, as they inevitably do? Is he going to call for repeated iso’s? Or, run set pieces with some player & ball movement generating solid shot attempts for a variety of different players (e.g. Rip, Sheed, McDyess, Stuckey and Chauncey).

    (1) LA vs (3) SAN ANTONIO

    * What is Gregg Popovich going to do with Manu Ginobili? Start him? Bring him off the bench? Match him up 1-on-1 vs Kobe? Or, ask him to check the 6-9/10 Lamar Odom?

    * Who from the Spurs’ Bigs is going to step out to the perimeter and cover Radmanovic? Is Robert Horry physically ready/capable of giving SA 20 min per game, at this stage of his career? If not … then who else on the Spurs to tackle this assignment?

    * Are Spurs going to continue using Ginobili as their back-up PG vs Jordan Farmar this series?

    * At this stage of his career it’s one thing for Bruce Bowen to lockdown Peja Stojakovic but another thing entirely for him to chase Kobe Bryant around for 7 games. Is the Karate Kid still capable of stepping up to this type of 1-on-1 challenge?

    * Without Andrew Bynum in the middle of their Defense, how on earth are the Lakers planning to stop Tim Duncan from carving them up inside? With … ahem … Pau Gasol? Turiaf? Mihm or Mbenga?

    * How are the Lakers planning to stop Ginobili? … for whom they have no answer in a 1-on-1 match-up … other than Kobe Bryant, the best 1-on-1 perimeter guard/wing defender in the world today … but who they also need to be their primary scorer.

    * With the offensive weaponery now at his disposal … can the most talented basketball player on the planet earth be stopped, from either (I) scoring himself, or (II) creating countless open shots for his highly skilled teammates (e.g. D-Fish, Vujacic, Walton, Radmanovic, Odom & Farmar) who can all knock down the 3-ball?

    Celtics in 7.
    Pistons in 7.
    Lakers in 7.
    Spurs in 7.

    Take your pick.

    These are going to be 2 terrific Conference Finals!

  3. Palmetto K Says:

    You kidding me? The Pistons will beat the Celtics, no problem! The Pistons are far to good on the road and Celtics far to bad on the road. 6 games at the most, Pistons go to the finals.

  4. khandor Says:


    Thanks for your comment.

    After picking the first 12 series of the 2008 NBA Playoffs correctly (i.e. 8-for-8, 1st Round; 4-for-4, 2nd Round) … wish I could be as confident as you are in your selection of the Pistons. 🙂

    When I see an advantage for one team or another in a series match-up that becomes the team I’m selecting for My Call.

    And … in each of these two Conference Finals … I don’t yet see an advantage for either team.

    As far as the BOS/DET series goes, I actually see both teams winning games on the road and the overall winner being decided on the last few possessions of Game 7, one way or the other.

  5. fluxland Says:

    Khandor’s new nickname is THE FIXER!! 🙂

    He’s part of the Stern conspiracy.

    I have been wrong on every series, that I recall. So, I’m going with Pistons in 5 and a Lakers sweep.

  6. khandor Says:


    Actually … ‘The Fixer‘ … is so close to being 100% accurate … in ways that would have you ROTFLYAO … if you only knew Da Truth of the matter. 🙂

    All the best, to you, my (furby) friend!

  7. fluxland Says:

    LOL! And the aura of mystery around the Kha man continues. 😉

  8. Pistons vs Celtics will go to Game 7 « Khandor’s Sports Blog Says:

    […] NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Preview […]

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