What Game 7’s are made of

10 reasons
San Antonio is going to win tonight’s Game 7


10. The Tony Parker vs Chris Paul match-up will be played to a draw.

9. The Bruce Bowen vs Peja Stojakovic match-up will be won by the ‘Karate Kid’.

8. Joey Crawford is not on tonight’s officiating crew.

7. Michael Finley and Brent Barry are accustomed to making big shots in big games.

6. Tim Duncan has yet to play a good “away game”. Tonight, he’s due.

5. Three PFs (Thomas-K, Oberto-F & Horry-R) are better than one (West-D).

4. Ime Udoka is not going to waste valuable possessions by taking ill-advised shots.

3. When the Hornets “go small” the Spurs will counter, “going BIG” at the guard spots.

2. The Spurs are mentally tougher than this inexperienced Hornets team.



10 reasons New Orleans is going to win tonight’s Game 7


10. Chris Paul is a better PG than Tony Parker. This is his time to shine.

9. The 5/1 Wing Pick & Roll, with 2 (Peja) back-screening for Chandler, is a tough check for Bowen.

8. Joey Crawford is on tonight’s officiating crew.

7. One of Jannero Pargo, Bonzi Wells or MoPete is due for a BIG scoring night.

6. Tyson Chandler is the best 1-on-1 defensive match-up vs Tim Duncan, in the NBA.

5. 1 star PF (West-D) is better than 3 also-rans (Thomas-K, Oberto-F & Horry-R).

4. There’s no way Ime Udoka can duplicate his Game 6 performance for the Spurs.

3. The Hornets superior athleticism will generate key Stls, Blks, TO’s & Off-Rebs.

2. The Hornets are on post-Katrina mission, as the NBA’s feel-good story this year.

1. The Spurs are a dirty team whose ‘bad Karma’ will finally catch up with them!


Go ahead and take your pick.


Either way, it SHOULD be a terrific ballgame!

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18 Responses to “What Game 7’s are made of”

  1. FLUXLAND Says:

    Are we to expect a LiveBlog?

    HAHA! I like reason number 1 for the Horents to win! 🙂

    Someone on the Spurs team will be ejected after committing a DEFCON 2 foul on one of the Hornets, that will later be explained as GOOD, HARD, CLEAN, PHYSICAL, OLD SCHOOL, WITHINTHERULEBOOK, SHOWNOMERCY, TAKENOPRISONERS, FIGHTTOTHEDEATH, GLADIATORSTYLE basketball by the Spurs coaching staff. Anyone claiming otherwise will be regarded as fool that knows nothing about basketball and had never read “The Rules of Engagement when playing the Spurs” by G.P.

  2. khandor Says:


    No live blog tonight.

    Just sit back and enjoy a game like this one … which, IMHO, will be decided by GINOBILI!!!

    (i.e. If MANU plays his best, the Spurs will win going away. If MANU plays poorly, it will be the Hornets facing the Lakers in the WC Finals. It’s that simple.)

  3. FLUXLAND Says:

    *throws back pick on my cat upon hearing news of no live blog”

    K.. but expect “thought” updates on here during TO and halftime. :))

    My X factor are Bonzi and maybe Mike James.

  4. khandor Says:


    If Mike James is in the game at all … the Hornets are in a whole pile of trouble … with a gigantic capital T. 🙂

  5. FLUXLAND Says:

    Mike James will be in the game because the Hornets will be “resting the starters” in a blow out game, or perhaps to Pargo stinking it up. 🙂 HE will then proceed to make it rain on the Spurs by hogging the ball and taking rainbow like shots.

    Mike James is gully!! His gulliness in this kind of game cannot be underestimated.

    Hey man I got my dreams!! You can’t take that away from me. AHAHA :p

  6. FLUXLAND Says:

    You know what they should do? They should have the refs at the start of the game show what is allowed not allowed, like in boxing… no hits below the belt, no elbows, no head butting, no biting, no holding, no punches on the back of the head, no eye gouging etc.

    I hope the Spurs bring bamboo stix to hide in a lake with, cuz the killa bees are coming. 🙂

  7. FLUXLAND Says:

    Khandor.. it is my understanding you are a Jessica Alba fan… please do not allow yourself to miss the recent you tube video.. I won’t spoil it for you.. my day has been made.. regardless of who wins tonite.

  8. FLUXLAND Says:

    Khandor I had a gift for you… my comment disappeared tho.

  9. FLUXLAND Says:

  10. khandor Says:


    Ripley’s believe it or not … I’m a Mike James liker … who believes there’s a role for a guy like Mike, on a solid NBA contenda. 🙂

    Just not in a game like tonight.


    If I was better with Photoshop & youtube and all that stuff … the image of Pop & Co. emerging from a swamp with the sight of their bamboo ‘breathe sticks’ being the first thing you see, followed by each of the Usual Suspects with face covered in black shoe polish and the whites of their eyes being the only thing you see, as they emerge from the water, Rambo-style, knifes clemched in their teeth, headbands dripping in the light, with the embers of Bourbon Street smouldering in the background … would be an all-time poster classic, with the simple heading, “Apocolypse Now, Game 7.”

    30 minutes from now …

    What time will it be?


    The Hornets best be ready … cause I think the Spurs will be. 🙂

  11. FLUXLAND Says:

    LOLing without photo attachment… that was great!!!!! 🙂

  12. FLUXLAND Says:

    I suspect a team like the Spurs would be “rocking” these sort of wheelchairs while enjoying orange jello during retirement:

  13. khandor Says:

    Am awful tempted to set up a live blog for tonight’s game just 4U but, alas … I just can’t do it.

    It’s a big night for me, in a lot of different ways … and, although I’ll be checking in and out to my blog for the balance of the evening, I can’t devout the entire 2:30 to this one game tonight.


    The Hornets opened at -4 two days ago, and earlier today moved to -4.5.

    If the Spurs can win outright … each of the 4 teams I called in my 2nd Round NBA Playoff Preview …

    Detroit in 4 (Pistons won in 5)
    LA in 7 (Lakers won in in 6)
    Bostin in 7 (Celtics won in 7)
    San Antonio in 6 (Game 7?)

    will have come home in spades … and I’ll be in the catbird’s seat heading towards the respective Conference Finals!


    Game 6 in the Western Conference of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is underway this evening, with the Detroit Red Wings ahead 2-0, at Dallas, with a chance to close out the Stars (my pick to win tonight and force an historic Game 7, after trailing 0-3 in this series).


    In addition, there are 3 important games on tap for this evening in the major league’s, on a night that my action is stepping up in a big way … and it would be awful nice to see at least 2 of these 3 games make it home safe & sound, as well. 🙂


    In the end, there are certain days/nights in the year … when the best decision I can make is to simply sit still, lean back and enjoy the games that people play, in this world.

  14. FLUXLAND Says:

    my last comment, like all the ones with links, has disappeared again. 😦
    I appreciate the consideration towards the live blog!! 🙂
    Enjoy, the sporting extravaganza and whatever else you have going on..

  15. FLUXLAND Says:

    Hornets with the old ice on the floor black op technique to disrupt the Spurs. Manu missing shots. West on fire.

  16. FLUXLAND Says:

    OH that whole sequence what INSTANT karma. Bad call, steal, fouled on a 3 point heave.. INSTANT karma!!!!

  17. FLUXLAND Says:

    So much for home court advantage. I swear the NBA is fixed. I’m really close on giving up on it, but I think I will watch the rest of the playoffs before deciding.

  18. withmalice Says:

    Hehe Flux.

    Picked Spurs-in-7 on May 12.
    I guess I should feel vindicated… but I don’t. With the oh-so-entertaining/likeable Hornets gone, I feel cheated.

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