Boston vs Cleveland, 2-2

This is what was written in this space on Dec 20, 2007 …

The Man at Crunch Time

about the plight of this year’s Boston Celtics and their pseudo transcendent superstar, Kevin Garnett.

Now, 5 months later, as the Celtics enter the 2nd phase of their Conference Semi-finals match-up with the Cavaliers … nothing much has changed, i.e. the team with the best W-L record in the League (this season) is still struggling to score the ball coming down-the-stretch of close games against a quality opponent.

Exactly as Magic Johnson (TNT NBA Analyst) suggested during last night’s national TV broadcast (Game 4) … the Celtics better find an answer to their 4th Quarter problem, i.e. KG scored ZERO points in the final 12 minutes, and fast … because

“Each round you go further in the Playoffs, the team you face gets better … and the Detroit Pistons are sitting there … waiting for the Boston Celtics … knowing how to WIN on the road.”

Yes, sir, this year’s Celtics can get past the lesser version of this year’s Cavaliers … by winning their 4 home games, as the No. 1 Seed in the Eastern Conference, with home-court advantage … but Boston will not advance to the NBA Finals this post-season, if they cannot win a single game at The Palace of Auburn Hills, where the Motor City Zoo Crew play their home games.

The C’s will only get one more chance to solve this riddle … Game 6, in Cleveland … before their 2008 playoffs begin in earnest, vs Detroit.

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5 Responses to “Boston vs Cleveland, 2-2”

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  2. FLUXLAND Says:

    I saw a huge momentum shift last night. Call me crazy but I see the Cavs winning this series now. GO CAVS!

  3. khandor Says:


    You crazy. 🙂

    Look around my blog for the entry tilted, “Cavaliers just went backwards“.

    Before they made their trades for West, Szczerbiak, Smith and Wallace … the Cavs had a solid shot at returning to the NBA Finals this year … if Pavlovic & Varejao would have just gotten themselves back into the kind of physical shape they were last season, after missing the first of the schedule this year – which they still haven’t done – Donyell Marshall (3Pt Shooting 4) had regained his health, and if their core of players had been allowed to mature together, around Lebron, for another 12 months, learning how to play, lose and win together, as a group under Mike Brown.

    Don’t be fooled by the Celtics inability to win games on the road so far during these playoffs.

    This series is going to go 7 games but, just like the C’s did vs Atlanta, in Round One … then, Boston is going to win at home to close out the Cavaliers.

  4. FLUXLAND Says:

    Losing Gibson last night really changes this whole thing. LeBron and Wally need monster games. Z being more effective then last night would be nice too.

  5. khandor Says:


    As I said in last night’s Live Blog, in my book, Cleveland’s been on life-support since the deals they made in Feb.

    Really upset the chemistry of their team for this year and robbed them of the perimeter shooting 4 their team desperately needs to go with LBJ & Z, who have always been their 2 best players.

    Wally can’t defend his own shadow … Big Ben is over-the-hill … Delonte isn’t athletic enough or big enough to be a lead PG for a legit contenda AND is an erratic TO & Bad Shot machine … Joe Smith is solid and their only decent pick-up.

    Top it off with the fact that Pavlovic & Varejao still have not regained their top level of conditioning compared to how they were last season … they are both carrying extra weight and are best characterized today as being fat and slow … AND Mike Brown’s lack of offensive creativity … and the entire situation for the Cavs is just a mess.

    That’s how good LBJ is, however … as, despite all of this nonsense, Cleveland is playing into Game 6 of the conference semi’s.

    Boston is going to win this series … not because of Gibson’s shoulder injury but because the Celtics are a better TEAM than the Cavaliers. FULL STOP.

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