LA vs Utah, 2-2

Those who anticipated the Lakers sleep-walking through a relatively easy Western Conference Semi-finals series with the Jazz … do not have enough respect for Utah’s outstanding young Point Guard, Deron Williams (6-3, 205) … amid the clamour which has built recently for the Hornets’ Chris Paul (PG, 6-0, 175), as a legitimate MVP candidate this season.

When you look closely at the manner in which this young man plays the Point Guard position, the effect of his performance on his team, in all three phases of the game (i.e. Offense, Defense & Rebounding) … an astute NBA observer SHOULD rightfully place Deron Williams’ name at the head of any list which purports to discuss the very best Point Guards operating in the League today, not to mention down-the-road, as one of the top 3rd-year players in the game.

As was mentioned in the Series Preview, last week, if the Lakers eventually prevail, in all likelihood, it will be in 7 hard fought games … as the Jazz, led by their multi-dimensional PG are, in fact, plenty good enough to win this conference semi-finals match-up outright.

Time for the Lakers to hold serve, returning to LA for Game 5.

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