Live Blogging – LA @ Utah (Game 3), 2nd half

Hope you can drop by and feel free to join in.

Hosting a Live Blogging Event … WOW, here we go!

(aiming for a 10:20 PM ET Start)

Click this link to go to the COVERITLIVE.COM window to this Live Blogging Event.

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17 Responses to “Live Blogging – LA @ Utah (Game 3), 2nd half”

  1. FLUXLAND Says:

    Expecting big LA comeback this Q.

  2. khandor Says:

    Can’t quite get this new technology to work yet.

  3. khandor Says:

    Something about using COVERITLIVE.COM with a blog that I haven’t figured out yet.

  4. FLUXLAND Says:

    KOOOOOBEEEE!!!! WOW! I don’t get what is going on with the Lakers interior D?

  5. khandor Says:

    Kobe is going off in this 2nd half … but he won’t be able to beat the Jazz by himself …

  6. Live Blogging - LA @ Utah (Game 3), 2nd half | General | Sports Blogging-Wordpress and our take on the G’s-gambling, gaming, girls, guys, governments, golf and more Says:

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  7. khandor Says:

    Without Bynum … the Lakers HAVE NO interior D to speak of.

  8. FLUXLAND Says:

    Ok but it looks as if they are not even trying.. and how is Okur going off? Is Pau that bad of a perimeter defender?

  9. FLUXLAND Says:

    I don’t understand anything anymore…

  10. khandor Says:

    Gasol does not like going out to the perimeter. He is always looking to sag off his man and provide ‘body help’ in the paint … not a good situation when Okur is stroking it!

  11. FLUXLAND Says:

    Somehow the little knowledge about bball I did have, has gone out the window. I don’t even understand what I am watching anymore.

  12. FLUXLAND Says:

    Not meaning to bring down the quality of this LiveBlog down..

  13. FLUXLAND Says:

    Lakers are done!

  14. khandor Says:

    IMO … LA is far from done.

  15. FLUXLAND Says:

    Unless Kobe takes over, they won’t come back from this hole

  16. khandor Says:


    Thanks for joining in on the Live Blogging goings-on during the 2nd half of tonight’s game.

    Much appreciated and a lot of fun.

    Maybe 1 or 2 others will be able to join us next time.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Terry Says:

    Generally ‘Casa’ indicates the house or even a little country, accommodation, summer house or pavilion.

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