The Winner Within – Spanish Style

For some of you, this might be old news, since it was first published last week (May 1), on Jose Calderon’s personal blog … 

Jose sets the record straight, in his own words
Everyone is how they are, but the main thing is the team, therefore I have sacrificed many things for the Raptors. During the season we lost against worse teams and, if I were to continue in Toronto, I would like to react to these losses. Maybe to think about the ring is an excessive aspiration but, of course, this is not a team that can only aspire to lose in the first round of the “Playoffs”.

but for these eyes, reading it just a few minutes ago, courtesy of From Deep, was a novel experience.

Those words, written right there, are the quintessential beliefs of a Man who is capable of leading HIS team to an NBA championship, one day in the not-too-distant future, as a main-frame PG.

Will he get that chance playing for the Toronto Raptors?

Only time will tell … but, if you’re an astute NBA observer AND a Raptors’ fan, you sure do hope so. 


16 Responses to “The Winner Within – Spanish Style”

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  3. FLUXLAND Says:


    what do you make of:

    “I want to be a starter *cough TJ cough*”

    “I will not be on a team in a which I cannot be an important contributor”

  4. FLUXLAND Says:

    why can’t i submit a link with my comments?


    Khandor, what do you make of:

    “I want to be a starter…”


    “I will not be on a team in which I cannot be an important contributor”

    TJ would get labeled as a selfish pr*** for making such statements.

  5. Johnn19 Says:

    I think Calderon is sending a message to any NBA teams who may be interested in making an offer to a RFA, as well as the Raptors, who I am sure Colangelo already is aware of Jose’s ambitions.

  6. khandor Says:


    Whoever might get upset at TJ Ford for making those exact remarks would be equally off-base, IMO.

    Problem is though … those remarks are NOT exactly (and not really even close) to what Mr. Ford had to say about himself, at this time, as an NBA player.

    Ford: (paraphrasing) I consider myself a Starter. I am a Starter. I play best as a Starter. There’s a different mind-set as a Starter. I’m a Starter. I expect to be a Starter, at this stage of my career. I have always been a Starter. I’m a Starter … etc.


    Calderon: (paraphrasing) I want to be a Starter. I want to be on a team that thinks it can win the championship. I play on teams that win championships. I am not a player who accepts NOT winning the championship. I have the mindset of a champion. I always put the team FIRST. I make sacrifices so that the team can win. I am a team player. I will take LESS money to be a major contributor to a championship team than MORE money to be with a non-championship team. My goal is to WIN THE RING. I am sseking EVERYTHING (worthwhile) not only the crumbs … etc.

    Do you see the difference?

    I do.

    As I’ve already mentioned to you elsewhere, in my book, Jose Calderon has THE STUFF it takes to lead HIS team to an NBA title, as Main-frame PG. He is THAT good … if he gets the chance to play alongside other top notch players, in the NBA.

    That’s what I saw in him during his rookie season with the Raptors, backing up Mike James; what I saw in his development last year, splitting time with TJ Ford; and, what I saw in his stellar play this season, when he was finally allowed to stay in the game for 35+ minutes/night, as the Main-frame PG for the Raptors, in the absence of TJ Ford.

    Time will tell if I am Right or Wrong about him. 🙂

  7. khandor Says:


    I definitely think that Jose is sending the Raptors a message with these remarks.

    A message which is absolutely perfect … and tells others precisely who he is as a Man, a basketball player and a Point Guard.

    Jose Calderon knows exactly who he is.

    And, who he is … as a PG in this League … is plenty good enough to get the job done right for me.

    That’s a STARTER right there … the type of STARTER who will make sacrifices for the TEAM and who will NOT accept anything less than WINNING the championship. 🙂

  8. khandor Says:

    BTW … 10 bonus points to the first person who correctly fills in the missing two words from this line of film/movie dialogue, spoken by Billy Dee Williams:

    “I love ________ _____________.”

    which represents how a top notch NBA coach would feel about having a PG with the character of Jose Calderon (and what that would mean) on his team.

  9. FLUXLAND Says:

    I guess the important thing would be to know what TJ was asked when he gave that answer. And now people can only see: “I consider myself as a starter” as “I demand to be a starter.” I really don’t recall him saying he expects to be a starter. And if he did.. I think he meant of himself and can’t accept anything less.

    Jose in his statement and every time he speaks ensures to include things like best for the team and all the cliche team player statements.

    I also remember his saying: “I sacrificed for the Raps.. I expect them to take care of me”.

    And I really doubt TJ doesn’t share the same feelings about winning as Jose. I have a hard time believing his sole purpose, regardless of everything is to be a starter.

    Everything was fine with TJ starting and Jose backing up, until TJ went down. No complaints from anyone, no beef. Then TJ goes down, Jose plays well and now all this BS. It’s as if Jose feels that he has proved he can start and now feels he shouldn’t be coming off the bench. And this is OK.. whereas TJ saying the same thing is wrong. There is a serious double standard going on, IMO and it really bothers me.

    I guess it’s all up to individual interpretation of the players comments and actions. I just don’t get how after everything before the injury regarding TJ has been forgotten and he is being portrayed as the villain who won’t step aside for Jose.

  10. FLUXLAND Says:

    Brian Piccolo?

  11. khandor Says:


    That’s 10 bonus points, my man!


    If TJ Ford would accept the fact that he might not be the Starter … ever again … for the Raptors, and still play at the tremendously high level he is capable of, if the coach decides that Jose SHOULD be starting ahead of him … and not sulk or perform erratically or selfishly or display poor body language during the course of a game (either on the court or on the bench) … then I SEE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with TJ Ford expressing his personal belief that he is a ‘Starter in the NBA’ and would ‘prefer’ to start the game, in comparison to coming in off the bench.

    Unlike other Raptors’ fans or observers … I DO NOT have a problem with TJ Ford’s perceive ‘attitude’.

    The major weaknesses I see with TJ Ford are based upon whether or not ‘His Game’ is best suited to be used as a ‘Starter’ or a ‘Back-up’ in the NBA by an elite level team.

    PS. IMO, it’s Ford who puts himself into the role of Villain with other Raptors’ fans and observers … if he stinks the joint up when he’s asked to play as a Back-up, and uses the excuse of being better as a ‘Starter’ than he is when used in that specific role.

  12. FLUXLAND Says:

    Yeah the apparent psychological effect of being a starter as opposed to coming of the bench, I find rather strange. I cannot comprehend why this would affect someones game. How can your level of play change?

    I mean, I can see some reasons, but ultimately it just doesn’t make sense to me. You are in the game, just play to your capability.

    Agreed, some of TJs failures off the bench seem to be by choice and him “tossing his cookies”. He does appear to have some growing up to do. But , I can understand why he was upset. At the start of the year he was the starter, why did he have to take a back seat to Jose, who’s job was to come off the bench, after he came back from his injury? Again, this team was doing well, IMO, prior to his injury and I rally don’t remember anyone complaining too much about TJs game.

    Also, I remember Jose not exactly lighting it up, after coming off the bench for the second time.

    BTW, I decided to enjoy a large plate of pasta prior to catching the 2nd half of the Spurs game and then proceeded to fall asleep! Nice, ha?

  13. khandor Says:


    If Ford would only have been injured for a few days he would probably not have lost his Starter’s role to Calderon this season.

    However, unfortunately for Ford, he was out for 23 games, from Dec 12 to Feb 1, during which time the Raptors played their best basketball of the season …

    finishing with a 13-10 (.565) record overall … but more importantly

    including a 8-10 mark vs teams that either (i) made the playoffs or (ii) finished with a +.500 W-L record

    with W’s over Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Portland, Atlanta, Boston and Washington

    and L’s vs Boston, Portland, Phoenix, Houston, Detroit, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington and LA Lakers

    [away games listed in bold]

    and featuring numerous games in which Calderon was by far the best Raptor on the floor, playing 35+ MPG and putting up breakthrough numbers in terms of AST:TO, FG% (<50.0), 3FG% (<40.0) & FT% (<90.0).

    Under ‘normal’ circumstances a player sh/wouldn’t lose his Starter’s role due to an injury but after being out for such an extended stretch of games AND with Jose playing as well as he did … these were not normal circumstances, and it is certainly understandable that Sam Mitchell (and the team, in general) developed a new comfort level with Calderon as the main PG for the Raptors.

    If Ford would have just come back and performed at a high level, himself, as a back-up to Calderon … as Jose had done for the Raptors prior to that … then that would have diffused the entire situation and stopped the whole ‘Ford as Villain’ nonsense from developing in the first place.

    Alas, that’s not what Ford did, and the rest is now history.


    Pasta is one of my favourites. 🙂

  14. khandor Says:


    re: why can’t i submit a link with my comments?

    What do you mean by … you can’t submit a link?

    As far as I understand, you should be able to do that in the comments you leave.

  15. khandor Says:


    It’s extremely short notice but … if you’re around in the next little while, I’m going to be Live Blogging the 2nd Half of tonight’s LA @ Utah, Game 3, trying out the COVERITLIVE.COM technology I used last night with the BDL crew.

    Everyone else who would like to participate in this type of event is invited also.

    Hope you can drop by … starting at 10:20 PM ET.

  16. FLUXLAND Says:

    I see what you are saying, and pretty much understood it all along. I guess I also see the predicament TJ found himself in and can somewhat understand where he was coming from. Not justifying his method or approach, but I can see where the thought all of this was leading to and not willing to roll over.

    It’s obvious that TJ “needs” to start, for whatever reason. Why would you sabotage you own team and not let him, I don’t understand (regardless of Joses’ success). In reality balancing these two PGs and making sure both are happy must be really difficult. Part of the job after all is managing egos and playing psychologist.

    Also, I would assume TJ would have had similar success during that missed period.

    Last few days.. when I post a comment with a link, on your or Arses’ blogs they do not appear… and with yours today.. at least not a first. I don’t know why.

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