NBA Jeopardy: Sign in date for the EC playoffs

ANSWER: Wednesday, April 23.

QUESTION: When the Pistons buckled up their collective chin straps and first went to work during the post-season?

Gm. 1: PHI 90, DET 86
Gm. 2: DET 105, PHI 88
Gm. 3: PHI 95, DET 75
Gm. 4: DET 93, PHI 84 (Wed Apr 23)
Gm. 5: DET 98, PHI 81
Gm. 6: DET 100, PHI 77

Next Up:
(2) Detroit vs (3) Orlando

Who will win:

The Celtics best start getting ready … now.

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31 Responses to “NBA Jeopardy: Sign in date for the EC playoffs”

  1. NBA Jeopardy: Sign in date for the Eastern Conference playoffs | General | Sports Blogging-Wordpress and our take on the G’s-gambling, gaming, girls, guys, governments, golf and more Says:

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  2. fluxland Says:

    Hi khandor!

    Magic in 6! PG play is my only concern.

  3. khandor Says:


    If you don’t mind and can spare the time … please provide a few more details re: your series pick (Orlando over Detroit in 6 games).

    Where do you see advantages for the Magic?

  4. Nba » NBA Jeopardy: Sign in date for the Eastern Conference playoffs Says:

    […] khandor wrote an interesting post today on NBA Jeopardy: Sign in date for the Eastern Conference playoffsHere’s a quick excerptANSWER: Wednesday, April 23, in the NBA. QUESTION: When the Pistons buckled up their collective chin straps and first went to work during the post-season? Gm. 1: PHI 90, DET 86. Gm. 2: DET 105, PHI 88. Gm. 3: PHI 95, DET 75 … […]

  5. FLUXLAND Says:

    LOL! I knew I wouldn’t get away with just that. And really..based on experience alone … that pick makes no sense! Ahh.. what are you gonna do.. I’m a sucker for the underdog at times.

    I guess, I just think the Pistons are getting old, and sooner or later the switching the flip on and off deal is gonna fail. Orlando has gained confidence in defeating the Raps and in the fact that the Sixers stole two from them. I really don’t see how they will control Dwight.. maybe get him into foul trouble and his double team passing is not as bad as people think.

    I’m sure when it come to the specific matchups (and I haven’t even looked.. this is all off the top of my head) the Pistons have the advantage.. especially at that PG spot. But the Magic as a team.. overall..seem due for a solid playoff series performance.. they don’t look like they will just lay down.. I think they will be well prepared and again.. the experience of the pressure to beat the Raps and playing on the road and winning has helped in leaps and bounds. Call me crazy, I guess.

  6. FLUXLAND Says:

    Oh.. I just realized… fatigue/rest factor.. game 1 will tell us a lot about this.. I think the advantage goes to Orlando. Also, the Pistons and their defense have their reputation, but if Dwight can be as affective on the glass and bring those blocks.. I dunno, either way .. it should be fun and I don’t see a sweep… NO WAY JOSE!

  7. FLUXLAND Says:

    What are you telling me.. you see the Pistons winning 7 straight?… possible.. I just don’t see it!

  8. khandor Says:


    It’s not that I think Orlando is out of their class going up against Detroit.

    I simply see the Pistons being very focused right now and think that they will come out on the right side of 4 (or possibly 5) hard fought games … in a way, similar to the Phoenix/San Antonio 1st Round series, where the Spurs were just a touch better in a number of areas.

    Unlike Toronto, Detroit has:

    i) 5 very solid Bigs who are all physically strong and athletic … i.e. Rasheed, McDyess, Maxiell, Johnson-A & Ratlif … when it comes to dealing effectively with the modern-day ‘Man of Steel’;

    ii) A top notch, veteran Wing defender … i.e. Tayshaun Prince … who is more than capable of matching up effectively with Rashard Lewis, both, on the perimeter and in post-up situations; and,

    iii) A physically strong and good-sized PG combination … i.e. Chauncey Billups (6-3) & Rodney Stuckey (6-5) … which is capable of dominating the Magic’s mix of Jameer Nelson, Keyon Dooling & Carlos Arroyo.

    This year’s collection of Pistons is the best team Joe Dumars has assembled and, if they can overcome the short-comings of their head coach (Flip Saunders), are just as capable of winning the championship this season, as are the Celtics, Spurs and Lakers.

  9. FLUXLAND Says:

    Yeah.. I pretty much knew they were out matched at every position. Like I said at 4:52. I’m hoping for a miracle, I know. Kind of like fans were with TO vs ORL.. you know.. Raps in 6 and stuff. Oh well, miracles do happen, however unlikely this one is. The PGs for Orlando will get worked.

  10. khandor Says:


    Are you watching what’s happening tonight with the Boston @ Atlanta game?

    1) A healthy Zaza Pachulia is making a big difference right now coming off the bench for the Hawks.

    2) The middle-of-the-pack teams in the Eastern Conference, as a group, are much better than many casual NBA observers realize.

    The Celtics are going to win this series but these are simply terrific games for the Hawks to be playing in the overall development of their franchise.


    Doc Rivers is hampering his own team by failing to utilize the quality depth on his roster … e.g. Tony Allen & Leon Powe are so much more athletic than Ray Ray & Kendrick, but Doc has tightened his rotation so much that the very good bench players (including Eddie House, James Posey, Big Baby, etc.) for the C’s are really not getting an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their team’s overall efforts.

  11. khandor Says:

    To start the 4th Quarter …

    Doc Rivers is finally going with a line-up of

    Sam Cassell (PG)
    Paul Pierce (OG)
    James Posey (SF)
    PJ Brown (PF)
    Leon Powe (C)

    buying valuable rest time for elder statesmen Ray Allen & Kevin Garnett, while the Hawks are continuing to ride 5 of their 6 key players …

    Mike Bibby (PG)
    Joe Johnson (OG)
    Josh Childress (SF)
    Marvin Williams (PF)
    Al Hordford (C)

    even though Atlanta has now managed to forge ahead for the first time all game.

    If my assessment is correct, watch what is going to happen now, during the last 6 minutes of this 4th Quarter … Bos 89, ATL 90 … 7:52 remaining

    Boston will pull away late to win by 3-7 points.

  12. khandor Says:

    Boston gets a break by having Pierce foul out on a terrible call by veteran ref Bob Delany, allowing the C’s to go with James Posey, a much better match-up vs the Hawks quicker combination of Joe Johnson, Josh Childress & Josh Smith.

    Good sub by Doc Rivers going with Cassell for Rondo with 3:50 left … ATL 96, Bos 91

  13. khandor Says:

    The C’s are going to have to shots during these last 2 minutes to escape with a W tonight.

    2:20 left … ATL 97, Bos 93

  14. khandor Says:

    As I said in this space many months ago … KG is not the guy to take the big shots for the Celtics coming down the stretch of their big games.

    Huge 3 by JJ with 1:06 remaining … ATL 100, Bos 95 … FULL TIME-OUT.

  15. khandor Says:

    James Posey has won an NBA championship before.

    Big 3 … by Posey … ATL 100, Bos 98 … Boston gets a miss from Joe Johnson

    20.3 left … Boston’s ball.

  16. khandor Says:

    Down by 2, Boston shoots for the lead by having Ray Allen jack a 3 … that misses …

    ATL rebound by JJ

    Foul by Boston

    JJ makes 2.

    Celtic ball, down by 4 … 10.6 remaining.

  17. khandor Says:

    Boston throws it to the rim for KG, who scores immediately … ATL 102, Bos 100 … 8.7 remaining


    Boston is out of Time-outs. Atlanta has 1 time-out remaining.

  18. khandor Says:

    Bibby is fouled by Rondo … 7.4 remaining … Bibby shooting FT’s

  19. khandor Says:

    Bibby misses the first …

  20. khandor Says:

    Bibby makes the 2nd …

    and the C’s with no Time-outs remaining … are forced to take a 30 ft 3-PTer from Rondo off the dribble, with the Hawks overplaying the 3 everywhere else … that draws nothing but air.

    Game 7, in Boston, on Sunday.

  21. FLUXLAND Says:

    AHH! I didn’t realize you would be live bloggin.. that was a good foul on PP! He was holding!

  22. khandor Says:

    Great job by RaptorsTV picking up the bonus TNT feed for the 2nd half of their double-header, Houston @ Utah!

    Should be another hum-dinger.

  23. FLUXLAND Says:

    KG has never been clutch… all that flare.. no substance! Never liked the guy.. lost all respect after that elbow.

  24. FLUXLAND Says:

    I cannot believe that Cavs game was not broadcast anywhere! TMac is cursed.. no dedication to the game.. deserves what he gets for quitting on ORLANDO and TORONTO

  25. khandor Says:

    Jerry Sloan’s offense is so good keeping your team occupied on the weak side of the floor, either on the wing or in the post that it makes it very tough to defend against his teams.” Hubie Brown (Legendary NBA TV Analyst)

    It should be mandatory for every new/inexperienced basketball coach to have to listen to Hubie broadcast NBA games.

  26. khandor Says:

    Kyle Korver (6-6) posting up vs Luther Head (6-3) … is a match-up nightmare for the Rockets …

    and yet all too frequently ‘average’ Raptors’ fans that I encounter on blogs/message boards everywhere consistently poo poo just how vital it is to have physically big guards on the floor, in the playoffs, vs tough (mentally, physically & emotionally) opponents.

  27. khandor Says:

    Basketball is a 5 man game … and your 5 guys better be able to defend.” – Hubie Brown (speaking about the fact that T-Mac is the 4th leading scorer in NBA playoff history and has yet to get his team past the 1st Round)

  28. khandor Says:

    “Hey. Game 4, we were down by 16 … in the 3rd Quarter. This is nothing. Come on!”Rick Adelman (speaking to the Rockets during a Time-out with 5 min left in the 2nd Quarter … UTA 50, Hou 34).

  29. khandor Says:

    And … back the Rockets come, cutting Utah’s lead to single digits (41-50) … with 3+ min left in the 2ndQ.


    Right now, with 28 1st half points, with Rafer Alston out with what looks like a seriously sprained right ankle … T-Mac is a one man wrecking crew keeping the Rockets in this game.

    Luis Scola was NOT on this Rockets team last season.

    This is a different Houston team than last season.

    WOW, what a terrific ball game!

  30. khandor Says:

    You don’t win 23 games in a row in this League based on hocus pocus.

    At the half … UTA 58, Hou 54 … T-Mac with 28 pts, so far.

  31. khandor Says:

    It has been a valiant effort but … the Rockets are finally out of gas.

    6:00 min remaining in the 4th … UTA 99, Hou 79 … T-Mac has 39 pts, 10 Rebs & 5 Asts

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