Eclipse of the Suns: Critically Acclaimed?

If you’re a regular reader of this space, you already know that the window of opportunity for this specific Group of Phoenicians was closed well before the recent goings-on in the Valley of the Sun

NBA 1st Round Playoffs

Gm. 1: SAS 117, PHX 115
Gm. 2:
SAS 102, PHX 96
Gm. 3:
SAS 115, PHX 99
Gm. 4:
PHX 105, SAS 86
Gm. 5:
SAS 92, PHX 87
San Antonio wins the series 4-1

and includes the goary details found right here …

A requiem for the S.S.O.L. Era in Phoenix 

… which re-traces expertly how it is ‘these Tragic players’ have arrived at where they are today, apparently, ready to dissolve their relationships with one another … permanently.

While the vast majority of the content in that specific piece is indeed accurate, there remains one central (three-pronged) notion with which this corner of the blogosphere must raise an objection:

Part A
“Well, that’s OK that they didn’t win the title, at least they were critically acclaimed!

Part B
In other words, it didn’t really matter that they never won a championship, … We would always remember them fondly and feel like they were more successful than they actually were.

Part C
Maybe the Suns didn’t win a championship, but we’ll remember them 100 times more fondly than the brutally efficient and hopelessly bland Spurs …

Au Contraire
When the NBA’s history books are written, and then re-visited again and again, generations from today, it will indeed ‘matter‘ a great deal that these Phoenix Suns were unable to win a championship and, in fact, never even reached a single NBA Finals.

In reality, each year that goes by will further dim the scorching light which emanates today from this form of ‘Sun(s) Worship‘ and instead will illuminate the (formerly and erroneously much-maligned) brilliant dominance of the San Antonio Spurs (winners of 4 NBA championships in 9 years, and still counting) and their transcendant Head Coach (Gregg Popovich, aka ‘Air Force One’) and (unassuming) Superstar Player (Tim Duncan, aka ‘The Big Fundamental’).

In no way, shape or form will the NBA’s history books ‘critically acclaim’ and/or reflect a reality other than this:

1. The NBA championship is won by the team that best combines the 3 Phases of the Game … i.e. Rebounding, Defense & Efficient Offense … in a balanced manner.

2. The League MVP Award was won in consecutive years (’04-05 & ’05-06) by the best Offensive Point Guard in the history of the NBA who … with outstanding ambidexterity, exceptional horizontal athleticism, supreme hand-eye coordination, spectacular ball-handling, passing & shooting skills … developed into the most prolific ‘Pick & Roll/Pop’ Artist the League has ever known, when allowed to ply his craft in a ‘Full Throttle’ Offensive Transition Attack and culminating in a dynamic ‘4 out/1 in half-court alignment’ (rarely ever used in the NBA), in conjunction with teammates who could shoot the ball proficiently and/or finish at the rim athletically.

3. The most ‘fondly’ remembered teams in NBA history are the ones whose names appear in the furthest left column on this specific list … NBA Finals: All-time Champions.

4. The San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers were the two ‘Critically Acclaimed‘ teams during the 1998-2008 era in the annuls of the NBA.

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