An icon in the making

Game 7.

Stanley Cup Playoffs, 1st Round.

Versus the Boston Bruins.

Game Summary.

… and this young man

… was THE DIFFERENCE last night between Les Habitants winning & losing …

making innumerable fantastic saves for Les Blue, Blanc et Rouge … with the game, and their season, on the line, at 20 years of age … stirring vivid memories of iconic figures, like Ken Dryden & Patrick Roy, from a by-gone era in Montreal.

Whatever ‘IT’ is … know this much … this young man is the next ‘Real Deal’ for Les Canadiens.

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2 Responses to “An icon in the making”

  1. Joey Says:

    What were you saying on my blog about the Mavs inching closer to a title?

  2. khandor Says:


    1) Thanks for your comment.

    2) Please refresh my memory, re: what I supposedly said about the Mavs on your blog?

    … as, this is the type of stuff I’ve had to say consistently about the J-Kidd trade to Dallas this season and the teams that I believe are the leading contenders to represent the Western Conference this year in the NBA Finals …

    3) BTW … this entry on my blog is about Carey Price (G) of the Montreal Canadiens … not the Dallas Mavericks. 🙂

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