Odds to win the 2007-2008 NBA championship

When evaluating playoff match-ups, in the NBA, it can be intriguing to track the changes in perception of the sports wagering public.

[Seed #] Team, Initial, Current (change)

Easter Conference

[1] Boston Celtics, +240, +210 (down 12.5%)
[2] Detroit Pistons, +748, +776 (up 2.4%)
[3] Orlando Magic, +4158, +3039 (down 26.9%)
[4] Cleveland Cavaliers, +3858, +3858
[5] Washington Wizards, +8000, +5000 (down 37.5%)
[6] Toronto Raptors, +8500, +10000 (up 17.6%)
[7] Philadelphia 76ers, +11500, +15000 (up 30.4%)
[8] Atlanta Hawks, +15000, +15000

Western Conference

[1] L.A. Lakers, +447, +400 (down 10.5%)
[2] New Orleans Hornets, +1458, +1820 (up 24.8%)
[3] San Antonio Spurs, +509, +690 (up 35.6%)
[4] Utah Jazz, +2005, +1589 (down 20.7%)
[5] Houston Rockets, +3113, +4040 (up 29.8%)
[6] Phoenix Suns, +926, +959 (up 3.6%)
[7] Dallas Mavericks, +3259, +2175 (down 33.3%)
[8] Denver Nuggets, +5250, +5000 (down 4.8%)

Two days before the playoffs begin, the clear-cut favourites to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy are the CelticsLakers, Spurs and Pistons.

The teams whose ‘odds to win the championship’ have come down are Washington, Dallas, Orlando, Utah, BostonL.A. and Denver.

Boston and L.A. are the only favoured teams whose ‘odds to win’ have also dropped during the last two weeks.

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6 Responses to “Odds to win the 2007-2008 NBA championship”

  1. Odds to win the 2007-2008 NBA championship | General | Sports Blogging-Wordpress and our take on the G’s-gambling, gaming, girls, guys, governments, golf and more Says:

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  2. Doc’s Sports Picks Guru Says:

    I don’t think you can argue with those odds. However, seeing the Celtics as the clearcut favorites, well, I think I need to see them progress in a seven game series vs. the western conference before they get this much chalk.

  3. arsenalist Says:

    Screw the prediction of the NBA experts on ESPN, TNT and anywhere else. Right here is where the knowledge of the game, current form, injury, history and everything else is considered to rate teams. Can’t argue with anything here.

  4. khandor Says:


    I hear you loud and clear … but what do you make of the fact that Boston finished …

    41-11 (.788 ) vs Eastern opponents, and
    25-5 (.833) vs Western opponents?

    Any way you want to look at it … the Celtics were simply the best team in the regular season this year.

    When you put this reality with the fact that Boston has gotten even better during the past 3 weeks, after adding established veterans like PJ Brown & Sam Cassell to their roster, it makes perfect sense that they are now perceived to be the prohibitive favourite to capture the championship this season … given the lingering injuries to Andrew Bynum & Trevor Ariza (for the Lakers) and Manu Giniobili (for the Spurs).

  5. khandor Says:


    Historically, the team that wins the NBA championship is almost always (i) near the top of the regular season W-L Standings, (ii) a favourite of the wagering public, and one of the top squads in the league when looking at (iii) basic performance categories like ‘Rebounding Differential’, ‘Points Allowed’ and ‘Points Differential’.

    In the NBA, adhering to the old addage that states, “Follow the money in the Playoffs,” usually ends up taking you straight into the Winner’s Circle.

  6. Maximo Hineline Says:

    This very valuable opinion

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