Not Ready for Prime Time Players


NJN 99 vs Tor 90 … Boxscore

When a team loses the Rebounding Battle (38 v 42), is outscored by 15 pts ‘Behind the Arc‘ (3/22 v 8/21), and has a lower FG% than its opponent (34/81=42.0% v 38/80=47.5%), that team is also going to ‘lose the war’, that night, in the NBA.

In a matter of 5+ weeks (since Wed Feb 27) … Toronto has lost 15 of 21 games and had its season turned completely upside down.

Crystal Balling: Looks like the Raptors (7) will end up facing the Pistons (2) in the 1st Round of the playoffs. After being eliminated in 5 games, it is going to be an intriguing off-season ‘North of the 49th Parallel’.

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One Response to “Not Ready for Prime Time Players”

  1. Raps Fan Says:

    im hoping the raptors slip to 8 and face the celtics. i would rather watch the celtics run a train on the raptors then the pistons. we have lost enough to the pistons over the last half decade.

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