Raising the NBA’s Titanic

First, the Boston Celtics … then, the resurgent LA Lakers … and, now, the New York Knicks … 

Walsh hired as Knicks’ president, says he will wait to decide on Thomas

A good move for than just the NBA

Q1. What will be the impact of today’s announcement in New York on the Toronto Raptors?

A1. Unfortunately, in due time, fans of the Toronto Raptors will look back and rue the day their team was taken into the vortex of treadmill h*ll … during the 2005-2006, 2006-2007 & 2007-2008 seasons, on account of the decisions made by MLSE, and then Bryan Colangelo (President/GM).

* MLSE should not have hired Colangelo to run their NBA franchise.
* Araujo-R should not have been traded for Humphries-K.
* Villanueva-C should not have been traded for Ford-TJ.
* Bargnani-A should not have been the No. 1 Overall Draft Pick.
* Mitchell-S (& staff) should not have been retained to coach this team.
* Ford should not have been given a contract extension.
* Peterson-M should have been resigned.
* Kapono-J should not have been signed as a Free Agent.
* Delfino-C should not have been signed.

The Raptors should have been allowed to get worse before taking positive baby steps to get better from the abyss of 27-55.

It has always been foolhardy to EXPECT that the Celtics and the Knicks and the 76ers and the Nets were just going to sit by idly and ‘allow’ the Raptors to ascend to a permanent spot atop the Atlantic Division standings and, likewise, re: the Pistons, Cavaliers, Wizards, Magic, Bulls, Heat & Pacers, in terms of achieving supremacy in the Eastern Conference.

The people who run MLSE have no idea what it takes to build a championship team, either in the NHL or the NBA. MLSE knows how to do one thing exceptionally well … make $$$ … but they do not know what they’re doing when it comes to building a championship pro sports franchise.

Donnie Walsh’s move to the run the New York Knicks … means that the window of opportunity which once existed in Toronto for the Raptors … with Chris Bosh … is closing.

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5 Responses to “Raising the NBA’s Titanic”

  1. Raps Fan Says:

    i agree for the most part khandor, but hasn’t walsh sat idly by and watch the pacers get worse and worse since the incident in detroit? how come this guy is the savior all of a sudden? if you look at it from a step back, at least colangelo came from, and built, a somewhat winning program (i say somewhat because they haven’t been able to be western conference champions at the least, yet).

    walsh built a good pacers team, that won 62 games, had one trip to the finals, and fell apart rapidly with an all-star center who is a member of the ever growing list of nba malcontent primadonnas.

    do you know who else was a candidate when colangelo was hired?

  2. cuzzy Says:

    I am also thinking donnie is not the saviour just yet. Buuuuuut I think I could go in and make the Knicks better so we will see.

    Khandor you have a lot to say……let us revisit the guest post idea.

  3. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    First off, I don’t think that Donnie Walsh is the best GM in the NBA today.

    Secondly, the performance of Walsh’s teams at Indiana (over the course of his 24 year association with the Pacers) illustrate how to build an outstanding pro basketball franchise from the ground floor up:

    PHASE 4
    ’07-08 31-44 3rd DNQ (at present)
    ’06-07 35-47 4th DNQ
    ’05-06 41-41 4th 1st Rd (6)

    PHASE 3
    ’04-05 44-38 3rd EC Semis (6) [the Brawl at the Palace, Nov 19, 2004]
    ’03-04 61-21 1st EC Finals (6) *
    ’02-03 48-34 2nd 1st Rd (6)
    ’01-02 42-40 4th 1st Rd (5)
    ’00-01 41-41 4th 1st Rd (4)

    PHASE 2
    ’99-00 56-26 1st NBA Finals (6) **
    ’98-99 33-17 1st EC Finals (6) *
    ’97-98 58-24 2nd EC Finals (7) *
    ’96-97 39-43 6th DNQ
    ’95-96 52-30 2nd 1st Rd (5)

    PHASE 1
    ’94-95 52-30 1st EC Finals (7) *
    ’93-94 47-35 3rd EC Finals (7) *
    ’92-93 41-41 5th 1st Rd (4)
    ’91-92 40-42 4th 1st Rd (3)
    ’90-91 41-41 5th 1st Rd (5)
    ’89-90 42-40 4th 1st Rd (3)
    ’88-89 28-54 6th DNQ
    ’87-88 38-44 6th DNQ
    ’86-87 41-41 4th 1st Rd (4)
    ’85-86 26-56 6th DNQ
    ’84-85 22-60 6th DNQ

    while enduring the ups and downs that come with this type of extended run at the helm of one of the NBA’s medium-sized markets.

    Thirdly, Donnie Walsh is going to build a winning franchise in New York because he’s already done it twice in a place like Indianapolis (IN) … despite the fact that he has never received the League’s EOY Award, nor had the good fortune to win the NBA Draft Lottery and the right to select the No. 1 Overall Pick.

    PS. From what I recall, other candidates included Julius Erving (GM/President) and Michael Curry (Assistant GM to Wayne Embry).

  4. khandor Says:


    1. You are correct … Donnie Walsh will not be an immediate Saviour for the New York Knicks … cause that is not the way this man chooses to build his franchise.

    2. Down the road, an opportunity for a ‘guest post’ would be fine by me.

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