Educating Greg Oden

According to David Thorpe’s assessment of this year’s rookie class in the NBA … 

Rookie Watch: Which veteran should Greg Oden study? … learning the low-post game from the fundamental master, Duncan, would go a long way towards getting Oden closer to being the offensive force he’s destined to become. Oden should also mix in some Amare Stoudemire tapes, reminding him that sometimes he can just dominate people with his physical talent.


In contrast, BlazersOG recommends a different mentor altogether, from a little further back-in-the-day, best-suited to provide the blend of offensive & defensive tutalege needed by the ‘Next Big One’ to develop into THE dominant player in the NBA today … 

Mr. Parrish, can I have a hall pass? For 21 seasons the Chief served as the prototype NBA big man who could be counted on to do everything well on all ends of the floor, night in and night out. What stands out about Parrish’s game is how versatile of an NBA center he was. All the usual weaknesses associated with centers were missing from Parrish.


While each of these NBA analysts has proferred a worthy choice for young Mr. Oden to learn from, neither hits the mark, exactly, in the eyes of this observer.

Instead, there is but one man, who has toiled in the League to-date, that the coming ‘Norse God’ should seek to pattern his game after … on and off the court.

Bill Russell was, and still is today, the Gold Standard against which all Centrifugal Force wannabees players MUST be measured to ascertain Greatness.

With the gifts (physical, mental & emotional) that have been bestowed on Master Oden  … to this point in his life … unlike any other Big Man of the last 30+ years … save, possibly, the star-crossed other (Blazer) Bill (Walton) … he has the make-up and the moxy to eventually walk, side-by-each, amongst the other Titans of the Game, i.e. Bill, Oscar, Wilt, the Logo, Kareem, Larry, Magic and Michael.

Greg … if you’re listening … seek out Mr. Russell … the only man alive today … who can truly show you THE WAY … to your destiny, in the NBA.

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  1. Educating Greg Oden : Sports Blogging Says:

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  2. FLUXLAND Says:


    Sir, the pleasure of doing business is always mine. I have been awaiting for your response in the continual duel that has become, well…. this, I guess!

    I am really saddened, that comment #14 was such a riddle, if I may clarify anything, let me know, I would love to.

    On to your exercise then…

    I’m not sure how “fair” that question is considering the storm the Raptors are currently in and considering the swimming race the East 45678 spots have become. However to answer your q: in this moment in time, things being as they are:

    NO.. the Raps won’t win under either circumstance or scenario.

    Statement #2 – wow.. I’m not sure how you can say that considering our play as of late and everything else that is going on in the East.

    Statement #3 – you and I both know that is a long long time away from now. A lot of things could happen by October 2008.


    p.s do you play chess?

  3. khandor Says:


    Welcome aboard!

    The problem in that other post of yours on Arsenalist’s site is in how you wrote what you wrote, in combination with what look like quotes from other messages of mine, taken from a different thread.

    It’s just too convoluted for me to figure out.

    Hopefully, here, I can effectively address any questions that you may have of me and give you the chance to express the opinions you hold which may or not be opposed to some of mine.


    * Those who know me well already, would tell you right away that … in my gym, the concept of ‘Check Ball’ does not exist, at all. 🙂

    * re: playing Chess … you should already know the answer to that question. 🙂

    * re: dueling banjos … are you familiar with the characters Jean Valjean & Javert? methinks that you might be. 🙂

  4. FLUXLAND Says:

    Morning khandor!

    Thank you for the welcome, kind Sir!

    My point in the post was that you had suggested the answer to the Raps problems was to bench TJ. I guess, the game against Detroit, proved you wrong. I know it’s only one game, but is was seizing the moment! LOL!
    I then went on and tried to explain how, and this may tie in with the Jeff Ma issue, despite the fact that people (like yourself sometimes) can gather vast amounts of data, then analyze it and come to certain possible corrective actions, that does not mean they (analysts) can accurately asses what the correct action to take is. There is a lot more to a player then stats and it cannot be measured in any way.

    Maybe the Jeff Ma situation may help me elaborate. (I did watch the video link on your post) The Logo tells Ma he does not believe in statistics. This is something is subscribe to as well. Stats or analytics are just a helpful tool in making a decision. They are not THE decision maker.

    And before you go on thinking that West is a believer now, put on your breaks. The only reason he call his guys and told him collect data with more details (to be honest the fact they were not breaking it down like that before he spoke to Ma is ridiculous) is because he figured it they were going to spend their money on this stat tracking, they might as well do it as accurately or with as much info gathering as possible.

    To further prove my point – a lot of organizations have go on and hired stat guys/analysts lately cuz of the stat craze, yet I don’t think any of them are GM are they? (Although, the guy running the Rockets is huge on stats)

    * that’s funny!
    * I thought so.. you never know however
    * Hugo?

  5. khandor Says:


    * Nowhere in my writings should you (or others) ever get the message that I, for one, am a believer in the veracity of new age stats gurus, like Jeff Ma.

    Despite the fact that Daryl Morey (Houston GM) is in fact a member of this specific club … which, btw, is growing in influence in the NBA game today by leaps and bounds … I, too, share YOUR perspective on the correct viewpoint to take on the reliance of ‘stats’ to prove a point about how something specific actual works in the NBA.

    Exceptions to this rule do exist, however, as they do in most areas of Life … e.g. if NO TEAM in the 60-year history of the NBA has EVER won the championship starting a shoot-first, under-six-feet-tall, under 170 lbs, erratic decision-making, self-absorbed PG, who views himself exclusively as a “Starting PG” in this League, that means to me there is almost zero (0) chance of the Raptors winning a title with the player they now have at the helm of their team. This, my friend (?), is THE type of NBA stat which is highly relevant to HOW the game SHOULD be played, at this level of competition.

    * The correct answer to the current situation in Toronto … is exactly what I suggested … not what’s happening right now, which is simply the next stage in the implosion process (you and?) I (both?) see coming down-the-road. 1 home W over over a Rip-less Pistons team, at this point in their season, means very little, in the grand scheme of things.


    * No need to ‘check the ball’ if one is polite (and respectful of others) to begin with; always mindful of the ‘Boy Scouts Creed’; and, relentlessly ruthless (both towards others AND oneself) in pursuit of Peace, Victory & Excellence.

    * I’m quite sure, You knew THE answer, already. 🙂

    * Qui. Not Me … Orville Wright, Basketball is a Brotherhood. KG. Boombaya, Ali, Boombaya.

  6. FLUXLAND Says:


    I must say that the continual breakdown of Brian’s performance as GM in PHX, had me thinking you were a Jeff Ma advocate. I still disagree with your assessment of his performance in PHX, but that’s another story.

    Yes, Daryl is def. a Moneyball guy. I guess, I just find a lot of fans going over stats and breaking down games play by play, looking for that one moment that won or cost their team the game. That seem fruitless as the game is long and the changes in momentum are frequent. It’s like saying.. if only.. if only.. and then you could trace it all to the opening tip. What’s the point?

    It’s a simple game, there is no need to complicate things. Yes, occasionally there are times were you can pinpoint one play call or sub. pattern, but really its about execution and it falls on the players… the game is simple.

    ummm…. Zeke? AI? (no ring, but Finals) and don’t tell me they are not under 6’0! And yes that stat may relevant but it is not a fact. Like I said, a few other unmeasurable things come to play and those are the things that make a difference.

    Also, I wouldn’t call TJ shoot first… I think it seems that way because he doesn’t trust his team mates sometimes. I would rather he take the shot then pass and then watch someone else miss it.

    * I don’t think your solution, long term, is correct. Yes, one game means nothing… but getting rid of TJ is/would be a huge mistake.. we have enough problems attracting quality US player over here….not to mention PGs… getting rid of TJ will be taking steps back. Plus BC seems to have invested a lot into him
    – LOL… although, achieving peace and victory come as a result of conflict and war.

    – Yeah!

    – I think you need to post your top 10 books!

    In the words of the Chuckster : “Always a pleasure!” LOL!

  7. khandor Says:


    * Truth be told … my perspective is NOT just that of an average fan. 🙂

    (more on that, perhaps, another day … down-the-road)

    * Ford is good, as a back-up PG in the NBA. Full Stop.

    Unfortunately, this is a role he will NOT accept, at this stage of his career, in the NBA.

    If the goal is really winning an NBA championship, eventually, in Toronto … btw, which I still have serious doubts is actually the case for MLSE and Bryan Colangelo … then Ford is simply not the PG to lead this team in that direction.

    (IMO, this is truly unfortunate as Ford has a terrific skill set for a back-up role on a championship team with a solid-sized PG as the starter … if only he’d accept his own limitations, as a too smallish starting PG in this League)

    * Zeke was small … but he does NOT fit neatly into any of the other categories outlined in my prior message. Zeke proved at Indiana and then with the Pistons that he was not a shoot-first PG, nor an erratic decision-maker with the ball, nor a too small player that was going to get abused isolated on the block. On the court, Zeke was a Team Player … as long as your uniform read as ‘Indiana’ or ‘Detroit’.

    * Top 10 books aren’t my style.

    That’s like saying, “These are the best looking 10 women in (the history of) the world.”

    Which, for a true aficionado of the female form, values & intellect, like me, would simply be a foolish impossibility.

    i.e. Horses for Courses … Different Strokes for Different Folks … and, The Art of War … if you know what I mean, which, I believe, you do. 🙂

    * Did you catch C-Webb’s appearance on TNT last night, subbing in for ‘the Jet’, and the hilarious pic’s of ‘the Chuckster’? Without a doubt, those work on that set thoroughly enjoy their jobs.

    * BC’s work in Phoenix was fundamentally flawed … similar, in a way, to the unfilled promise of C-Webb’s NBA career.

    Oh, what coulda been but for certain ‘poor’ decisions made along the way.


    In Peace, Victory & Excellence

  8. FLUXLAND Says:


    *You did not, ever, come across as an average fan (ok, mabye the rosen/lebron article raised an eyebrow… I mean.. that was and still is a highly controversial article)

    * I think the key with Ford is “at this stage in his career”. He does have some things to learn. More importantly.. I think consistency is lacking with the roster. You need time to work out all the kinks in playing with other guys.. the team has been a spinning susan lately… hardly a platform for success.. not the mention the time he missed. And the size issue is something he has always had to deal with.. I don’t think it limits him in any way. I would rather have a guy that can score and knows he can score and then work on his other skills, then some guy that is great at everything but can’t make one in the clutch! Like Jose last year! HAHAHAHA!

    * What about AI?

    * How long did it take Zeke to win it all? Plus let’s not forget who he had around him.

    * The idea was to list some favorites, I guess. Surely there are some favorite ladies out there.. that you would put before the rest.

    * Yeah i caught some of C-Webb/Chuck.. so u think C-Webb is a HOF?

    * Haha – exactly – the unfilled promise .. kind of like Joses will be ;-P

    * BC didn’t have it easy out there in the West you know.. overall… considering the Conference..

  9. khandor Says:


    Never let it be said that I’m a stick in the mud … when it comes to clean-cut fun.

    Okay … here’s one for ya …

    The Last Western

    Familiar to you or not?

  10. FLUXLAND Says:

    I would never say that… this has been quite entertaining I must say.

    I have heard of the title.. but not familiar with the book itself. I’ll def. read it soon.. and perhaps get some insight on your perceptions?

  11. khandor Says:


    In part, what we’re here for, is to entertain.

    Therefore, I will accept that as a compliment from you. 🙂

    Oh, and, re: Allen Iverson

    IMO … Allen is the best small man to have ever played the game, which is high praise coming from me … but, he has never (really) been a Point Guard, in my book.

    Despite his less-than-tall (or robust) physical stature … including his trip to the NBA Finals, with Eric Snow as his PG … Allen Iverson is, simply put, one of the great 2-Guards in the History of the League.

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