76ers go back to the future

25 years later … the 1983 World Championship Philadelphia 76ers team … with Dr. J, Moses, the Jones Boys, ‘the Italian Stallion’, ‘the Boston Strangler’, and ‘Li’l Mo’ … remains the all-time favourite NBA team of this observer.

As the Sixers take the court this evening in Boston (against their arch-rivals) … and, having (finally!) reached the .500 mark (35-35) this season … it is only fitting that the man most responsible for their re-birth is, himself, an indelible link to that same Sixers’ team which captured the imagination, heart & mind of certain NBA aficionados back in the day.

When his name is mentioned today, as a candidate for ‘Coach Of the Year’ honours … these are the bookend set of images which come to mind of the giant little man from West Texas State … 

(1) the Little Engine … that did


(2) the Duet Maestro who …

has always understood, implicitly, what it means to be a Point Guard … in this world.

A salute to Maurice Cheeks

10:34 PM … Final Score: BOS 90, Phi 95 … My, Oh, My!

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2 Responses to “76ers go back to the future”

  1. Sports Blogging » Blog Archive » The 76ers go back to the future Says:

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  2. Raps Fan Says:

    a game over .500 now. shows you what heart, grit, determination and toughness can get you in the nba. how nice would iguadala hae looked in a raptor uniform?

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