Fork in the road for the Raptors

In the aftermath of Toronto’s 4th consecutive defeat, last night at Sacramento (Tor 100, SAC 1006), there are at least 3 different options which the team has heading towards this evening’s game at Utah:

A) Maintain the status quo;

B) Restore TJ Ford to the Starting Unit, exchanging roles with Jose Calderon; and,

C) Re-configuring their ‘rotation’ in a novel way.


Q1. What SHOULD be the next step for the Raptors to take this season?

 A1. While returning Ford to the Starter’s role is one available option … at this point in time, it would be the wrong one to take.

Once Pandora’s Box has been opened it’s impossible to put the Genie back in Aladdin’s Lamp. (mixed metaphor intended!)

The move to make … the move a top notch NBA organization – e.g. San Antonio, LA Lakers, Detroit, etc. – would make … is re-arranging the Starting Unit and, therefore, the 2nd Unit in a novel way … by:

i) Removing Ford from the rotation completely;

ii) Re-establishing Calderon’s ‘minutes played’ (i.e. 35+) to what they were when the Raptors recently went 3-3 vs +.500 W-L record teams (i.e. during their ‘Key Stretch of 19 Critical Games this season’, prior to Chris Bosh’s injury) and dominated the weak sister teams in the league (i.e. to the tune of 9-4);

iii) Shifting their best remaining scorer to the bench, from the Starting Unit (i.e. Anthony Parker), allowing him to come into the game at either the PG or the OG position;

iv) (thereby) Shortening their ‘Guard rotation’ in CB4’s immediate absence;

v) Shifting Andrea Bargnani to the 2nd Unit;

vi) Inserting Kris Humphries into the Starting line-up, to begin the game with more Energy, Rebounding & ‘banger-type’ Post D … beside Rasho Nesterovic;

vi) Shifting sad sack Joey Graham into the starting line-up … to create at least the appearance of a more ‘physical’ First-5;

vii) Shifting either Jamario Moon or Jason Kapono into the Starting Unit, as the Off-Guard;

viii) Limiting Carlos Delfino’s role to that of a ‘Reserve for the 2nd Unit’, getting something less than 15 MP/game;

ix) Using the following 8-man rotation: Calderon, Kapono/Moon, Graham, Humphries, Nesterovic, Parker, Moon/Kapono, Bargnani, exclusively, until Bosh returns; and,

x) Establishing, in no uncertain terms, that …

I) This is (now) Calderon’s team to run;

II) This team will not tolerate the body language & decision-making Ford has displayed on this road trip;

III) Rebounding & Defense … not Offense … are the staples of this team;

IV) Doing what is best for this organization is what’s most important … rather than what a specific individual may want.

A 1st-Class basketball operation … like San Antonio, LA Lakers or Detroit … would not waste any time or resources trying to go backwards in time, to a point at which Pandora’s Box (i.e. the Forderon situation) was still closed and the Genie had not yet been released from its magic lamp.

A 1st-Class NBA operation … with a top notch GM & head coach at the helm (i.e. San Antonio) … would concentrate (exclusively) on going FORWARD from here.

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5 Responses to “Fork in the road for the Raptors”

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  2. Raps Fan Says:

    interesting scenario man. i don’t know if i could tolerate watching humphries jack shots from the tip. i hate the guy’s game. although in theory i do understand what you are proposing, and i somewhat agree, i don’t know if that lineup would get it done. defense and rebounding aside, they would have a really hard time scoring. without the perimeter scoring, teams could double bosh without much of a consequence.

    i like the idea of sitting ford, BUT, i think bosh’s return will stabilize him…i hope. something needs to happen asap though, this team could fall out of playoff contention quickly if some measures aren’t taken.

    also, lol, sorry to nitpick, but the lakers were on a fastrack to nowhere until they pulled off that gasol heist. before that, everyone was really over achieving. they may have won some games during the regular season, but without gasol, they would crumble in the playoffs.

  3. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    1) I hear your concerns about Hump … but, in general, a player who can score, like he can … does not ‘jack’ as many shots (per minute) if he knows in advance that he is going to get a set number of minutes/game.

    2) In general, Rebound & Defense generate additional scoring opportunities, (even) in the NBA.

    If in doubt of this precept … try listening to (or reading the books of) ‘the great’ Bill Russell … he of the 11 NBA championship rings.

    From my perspective, I have no concerns whatsoever about a Raptors team, configured in this way, generating enough points per game to win 50+ games in today’s NBA.

    3) re: the Lakers without the Gasol trade … (i) we will never know for sure; and (ii) you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. 🙂

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