Addressing the Raptors’ rebounding

re: Architectural Flaw
re: The achilles heel of Bryan Colangelo

Without making any trades or adding any new players …

Q1. What line-up can the Raptors use to give themselves the best chance possible to win their 1st-round playoff series?

A1. By ‘thinking outside the box’ …

Exhibit A

PG – Jose Calderon
OG – Jamario Moon
SF – Joey Graham
PF – Kris Humphries
C – Chris Bosh

PG – Anthony Parker
OG – Jason Kapono
SF – Carlos Delfino
PF – Andrea Bargnani
C – Rasho Nesterovic

PG – TJ Ford
C – Primo Brezec

… like a top-flight NBA coach is paid big $$$ to do … if he actually knows what’s he’s doing (e.g. Phil Jackson).

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10 Responses to “Addressing the Raptors’ rebounding”

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  2. SiC Says:

    Interesting line up. Would it work for points production? or is this more of a grind-em-out kind of focus?

  3. khandor Says:

    It would work … in both ways …

    which is a KEY component to creating the type of VERSATILE team it takes to make noise in the NBA’s post-season tournament. 🙂

  4. Blake Murphy Says:

    I like it except for two things:

    1. The starting lineup has just two scoring options while the 2nd unit has four. I’d probably throw Kapono in the starting role because there isn’t a 3-point wing threat there.
    2. I’d rather have Delfino at the point than A-P. While Delfino is more turnover prone, Parker is fantastic off-the-ball and giving him the rock all the time may hinder that.

    Interesting proposition there though. I certainly wouldn’t want to try and bang with that first unit.

  5. khandor Says:


    Welcome aboard! 🙂

    Interesting that you only see 2 scoring options in that Starting Unit.

    Do you think that Hump agrees with that perception? 🙂

    Or, that Calderon – while shooting 40% on 3’s and 50% on FGA’s – couldn’t actually average mid double-digits (say, 15 ppg) … if there were extra shots available to him … with Joey G at the 3, under express instructions/limitations (from the coach) to shoot only certain shots, in exchange for guaranteed PT, ala Bruce ‘Karate Kid’ Bowen.

    In addition, that starting line-up would allow AP, with his versatile (but not dominant) finesse game, to come in off the bench at either guard position, to give the 2nd Unit whatever it needs on a given, and from where he could still be a dangerous offensive player.

    Which, then, leaves Jamario Moon … who is not a ‘physical’ player … if you line him up at the the 3, every night in the NBA … BUT, if you slide him to the 2, becomes a totally different calibre of athlete with an intriguing skill set (as a 1st-yr NBA player) that can be developed by a coach who really knows what he’s doing (given Moon’s better-than-you-think shot mechanics & willingness to shoot the ball, as opposed to attacking the rim, which he doesn’t like to do).

    In all seriousness, with a healthy CB4 … scoring the ball with this group of 5 players wouldn’t be a problem, at all … under the direction of a top notch NBA coach who is willing to run a series of half-court plays, catered to the strengths of these 5 men.

  6. Blake Murphy Says:

    Jose was included in my ‘2 options’…Hump is a circumstance scorer, in my mind, and I don’t think you’d run many plays for him. My point was more that there is an imbalance between 1st/2nd which may create double teams on Bosh and a lack of touches for the four shooters in that second unit.

  7. khandor Says:


    1) Can you ever see Moon developing into a 15 ppg scorer while playing with those other 4 men?

    2) How many scoring options do you ‘see’ in this group of 5?

    Deron Williams, Ronnie Brewer, Andrei Kirilenko Carlos Boozer, Mehmet Okur

  8. Raps Fan Says:

    starting moon and graham would give me heart palpitations. the way parker has been playing, i’m not sure starting graham would net us that many more rebounds. would be interesting to see though.

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  10. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    Mine, too, for that matter … but it sure would make the Raptors, as currently configured, a much more ‘physical’ (and dangerous) team to contend with come playoff time. 🙂

    From everything I’ve read on-line, so far, no one else has suggested:

    i) Moving Moon to the Starting 2 spot (which is his best position in the NBA, with his specific skill set);
    ii) Moving Graham into the Starting 3 spot (which is his best position in the NBA, with his specific skill set);
    iii) Moving Humphries into the Starting 4 spot (with his specific skill set);
    iv) Moving Parker to the bench – in the midst of his currently solid play – so that he can be more of an impact player with the 2nd Unit, at the PG spot coming in for Calderon, or as a finesse player who can score, coming in for Moon; and,
    v) Moving Ford … completely out of the regular rotation (but without trading him, at all)

    … which are precisely the types of high level coaching moves/decisions that someone like a Gregg Popovich (or Phil Jackson, or Pat Riley, or Larry Brown, or Rudy T, or Chuck Daly, or Red Holtzman, etc.) would be making in this situation.

    PS. … or, that a top notch NBA GM, like RC Buford, Joe Dumars or Jerry West would be insisting upon.

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