The achilles heel of Bryan Colangelo

Mimicking the immortal words of Allen Iverson (even if you’ve seen this clip before, just click it again … cause you know it’s absolutely priceless)

“Rebounding? … Rebounding?Rebounding? … Man, we’re talking about Rebounding!

Seems as though other NBA analysts are finally beginning to ask some pertinent and difficult questions about what’s really going on with the Toronto Raptors, as constructed by their current President/GM, Bryan Colangelo.

* Blake Murphy, Architectural Flaw

… the Raptors currently sit fifth in the Eastern Conference, struggling to keep that spot in Chris Bosh’s absence and facing the gloomy fate of an unfavorable first round match-up, Toronto fans have begun to ponder this team’s long term potential under Colangelo. It seems blasphemous, but despite being a complete and utter genius, The Mastermind’s franchise plans have consistently had one fatal flaw – rebounding.

In the History of the NBA, Rebounding and Defense (in conjunction with efficient Offense) have always been fundamental components of each and every championship team.

What it takes to win the NBA Championship

An architectural flaw in Bryan Colangelo’s NBA design template?

You better believe it is!

… one which, unfortunately, his teams may never be able to overcome, in pursuit of championship glory … unless he is prepared to alter his Basketball Philosophy.

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3 Responses to “The achilles heel of Bryan Colangelo”

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  2. SiC (aka Smitch is COY) Says:

    It’s true. Like Nelly-ball, nice and fun to watch, but come the Finals, rebounds and defense will net you wins.

    Let us step back for a bit though. The Raps were in (alarmingly) dire straits that had they gone a few more years with a losing record, we could be like Van City and have no NBA team.

    BC may not be able to produce an NBA Championship, but, we could potentially become a viable place for players to go, and for someone else to build upon (once BC jumps to … the Blazers? Grizzlies? Sonics?)

    … I’m not condoning it, but I do want to be realistic about the change (there was a “buzz”) that came over when BC signed on 🙂

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