Big Game Hunting at the Staples Center

game to watch from tonight’s NBA schedule happens at the Staples Center …
 * J.E. Skeets, Ball Don’t Lie: Game to pay attention to: Raptors at Lakerswhen the Raptors (34-28, .548, Atlantic/2nd, Eastern Conference/5th) kick-off their 5-game road-trip

Tue Mar 11 @ Lakers (44-19, .698, Pacific/1st, Western Conference/1st)
Wed Mar 12 @ Warriors (39-23, .629, Pacific/3rd, WC/8th)
Fri Mar 14 @ Nuggets (37-26, .587, Northwest/2nd, WC/9th)
Sun Mar 16 @ Kings (28-35, .444, Pacific/4th, WC/11th)
Mon Mar 17 @ Jazz (42-22, .656, Northwest/1st, WC/4th)

… sans Chris Bosh (All-Star Center, out with an injured knee)

… versus a Lakers’ team fresh from a disappointing loss, at home, against Sacramento on Sunday (Lakers 113, Kings 114).Beginning with this evening’s match-up:

* the Raptors will play 5 games in 7 nights (including 2 back-to-backs), against four of the top nine teams in the WC, plus the team that beat the Lakers on Sunday;while*

the Lakers will play 5 consecutive games versus teams with +.500 W-L records, the final four of which will be on the road (Mar 14 @ New Orleans; Mar 16 @ Houston; Mar 18 @ Dallas; Mar 20 @ Utah)Q1. How important is this specific game to each of these two teams?

A1. Compared to the one they played (approximately) 22 months ago …  Jan 22, 2006

… the difference is like Night & Day.Whichever team wins this match-up has a chance to solidify its position in the playoff standings and, buoyed with that momentum, propel itself head-first toward their next 4 grueling games, brimming with confidence; while, whichever team loses this match-up faces the very real possibility of a calamitous ‘0-for-5’ stretch smack dab in the middle of a heated playoff race.

Most Likely Outcome Based on individual player/coach match-ups:






Calderon, J
Parker, A
Moon, J
Bargnani, A
Nesterovic, R


= = = = =
= = = = =


Fisher, D
Bryant, K
Odom, L
Radmanovic, V
Gasol, P



Ford, TJ
Delfino, C
Kapono, J
Humphries, K

= = = = =
= = = = =
= = = = =

Farmar, J
Vujacic, S
Walton, L
Turiaf, R



Mitchell, S


Jackson, P

This one could get ugly for Toronto.

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