Perception vs Reality (#1)

Despite what’s been reported, thus far, by different basketball writers/reporters …  

Back-up job leaves Ford in a funk (Mar. 6)
Raptors’ Ford … from insufferable to invaluable (Mar. 7)
E’s Mail – Question #2 (Mar. 7)
T.J. Ford update (Mar. 7)

the best way to form a knowledgeable opinion about someone or something is based on first-hand information/observation which deals directly with the individual(s) involved.

After listening to the following …

TJ Ford’s interview with the FAN590 

… it’s impossible to formulate an opinion about this young man other than … he’s a solid person, caught in a difficult situation with the Raptors (so far) this year – i.e. given the serious injuries he’s had to deal with (to this point in his career) and the fact that there’s a 2nd terrific, young Point Guard on his team, Jose Calderon, who is having the ‘best’ season of his career to-date.

Whatever ‘personal issues’ Ford may have at the moment … hopefully he can over-come them shortly and regain his status as a solid, young PG, in the NBA … whether as a ‘Starter’ or as a ‘Key Back-up’ for the Raptors.

Food For Thought, in Raptorland …

* When a square peg gets forced into a round hole … inevitably, bits & pieces of the corners get broken off, in the process. 

* Once Pandora’s Box has been opened … i.e. playingg Calderon this season, as the Main-frame PG for the Raptors’, to the tune of 35+ min/game … it’s nigh impossible to simply return ‘the Genie to Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’.

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