Antics of an interim head coach

* J.E. Skeets, Ball Don’t Lie: Tyrus Thomas suspended two games for missing practice

Watching the debacle that was the Bulls’ meltdown in the final 6 minutes of their recent game @ Cleveland (Mar 2) … what was on display by Jim Boylan (& staff) … as far as his decision-making was concerned, re: his use of Tyrus Thomas (or lackthereof) … was completely SHOCKING.

When the Bulls had Thomas (+5, in 24+ MP) on the floor they were a totally different team compared to when he was shackled to the bench (i.e. every other Bull finished as a minus). 

Boylan’s decision to take TT out of the game at the 05:12 mark of the 4th … CHI 80, Cle 79 … and never put him back in …

was THE reason Chicago lost this contest by 9 points …

in conjunction with his ridiculous decision to replace Ben Gordon with Kirk Hinrich at the 02:37 mark … Cle 85, Chi 83 … after which the Bulls lost contact with the Cavs for good.

When an NBA head coach cannot see that a player is making a ‘positive difference’ for his team’s on-court performance and instead decides to discipline/punish/marginalize/etc. that specific player for his own personal reasons … that cost his team W’s … it’s a major problem … in this case, for the Bulls.

Chicago now has enough 1st-class NBA talent to challenge for a playoff spot this season … and, for the next decade, as well, with a few minor tweaks of their roster this off-season … 

Running of Da Bulls

BUT … not if this type of nonsense is left unattended (or condoned) by their GM.

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