The 10 worst words heard in Raptorland …

… were just uttered, a few moments ago, live on-air, during this evening’s TV broadcast of Toronto’s game (at home) vs Indiana … in the aftermath of Chris Bosh being substituted out (in favour of Jason Kapono) at the 02:23 mark of the 1st Quarter (TOR 17, Ind 26), with what looked to be an injury to his right knee:

2nd Quarter
08:47 … Chuck Swirsky (Toronto’s Play-By-Play Announcer, reading an official report passed along from the team’s locker-room): Chris … Bosh … with … a … sore … right … knee … will … NOT … be … back. (TOR 29, Ind 43)

Yes, it’s still early and, hopefully, this is simply a ‘cautionary’ move by the Raptors’ athletic training staff …

but, on the same day that John Hollinger ( annoints the Raptors as one of the dark-horse teams (from the Eastern Conference) to make it to the NBA Finals this spring … this news bulletin strikes with ‘Lethal Force’ to Toronto’s playoffs aspirations this season.

If Chris Bosh is forced to miss any significant number of games for the Raptors this season, from this point forward, this team:

i) Will not be able to secure the #4 spot in the Eastern Conference Standings;

and, without home-court advantage in the 1st Round of the Playoffs

ii) Will not be able to advance to (at least) the Conference Semi-finals this year.

The next 24-48 hours … awaiting formal diagnosis of Bosh’s injury, will hold the key to the Raptors’ long term prognosis as an elite level team in the NBA. 

Everyone who’s a fan of CB4, specifically, and the Raptors’, in general, should be holding their collective breath until then.

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4 Responses to “The 10 worst words heard in Raptorland …”

  1. SiC (aka Smitch is COY) Says:

    ~Thank you Smitch for the wonderful insight and fully deserved coach-of-the year perception of playing CB4 loads of meaningless minutes in blow out games~


    ~thank you again Smitch for showing us grateful Raps fans that the way to play a team wreaked with injuries and suspensions, is to match up to THEIR beleaguered team, instead of utilizing our FULL (less CB4) compliment

  2. khandor Says:

    Don’t hold back, like that, next time … just go ahead and share with us how you really feel about the quality of Sam’s coaching? 🙂

  3. khandor Says:

    Hopefully, CB4’s knee injury is only ‘minor’ … and, after a few days rest, he will be able to resume his place as the Heart & Soul of this team.

    If not … 3rd tier teams, to this point, in the Eastern Conference, will be approaching quickly in the Raps’ rear-view mirror, e.g. Philadelphia, the re-vamped squads in New Jersey & Chicago.

    PS. It’s ironic that tonight’s game vs Indiana is #19 in the “Tracking the Raptors’ Key Stretch of 19 games” this season.

  4. SiC (aka Smitch is COY) Says:

    khandor > LOL, nah, I try to keep it clean.

    I couldn’t help thinking about Yao. I hope it’s not serious, but when they showed CB4 going to the lockers, I kept thinking about how many recent games he’s played with heavy minutes with Rasho, Brezo, and Hump-o (and to that extent Maceo), oh! and even Barg-o, on the bench. Crazy!

    Jose needs rest man. He looks tired. He needs some pine time to recover. No need for Jose to go down as well.

    I personally don’t think NJ will get it done with that team, but Chicago could be a dark horse …

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